Redfin revealed AMAZING real estate lead generation tactics

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Redfin just gave an amazing presentation on lead generation tactics that cost them millions to find out. The surprising thing is that most of these insights that help them get more leads are really simple and you can take action with these real estate lead generation tactics right away.

Watch the video if you have time, he’s great at presenting and very entertaining. If not the summary below covers it all.

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Real Estate Video Marketing Tips For YouTube + Facebook

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Video is one of the most effective forms of advertising on the planet today. Most people are lacking in this department because creating great videos that are actually entertaining is hard. With technology becoming more advanced, that’s not the case anymore. Adding video to your real estate brand is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition.

“On Facebook, people share videos 12 times more than linkes and text posts combined, and people “like” photos twice as often as text updates.”

“YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world.”

“75% of users visit the marketers website after viewing a video.”

“80% of internet users remember the video ads they watch online”

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1 Simple Tweak To Increase Leads From Your Real Estate Website

Here is a simple way to increase leads from your real estate website.


1. Social Proof

For real estate agents two easy types of social proof you can use are awards and testimonials.

It’s a proven psychology method to build a little trust in the users mind and an easy way to get them a little bit more comfortable with you.

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New real estate SEO tactic to increase security and rankings

Google has just released an official statement basically saying:

Having a HTTPS URL will increase your rankings over having an HTTP

Here is a link to the original official statement:

This is great for real estate SEO and increasing your rankings.

Example non HTTPS:

Example with HTTPS:

Even if people type in regular HTTP, it will automatically re-direct them to the secure link. You don’t have to worry about losing potential visitors.

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5 Common Mistakes On Real Estate Landing Pages

Landing page: The first page a visitor is going to see on your website


1. Horrible navigation

The average user visits a website for 6-8 seconds before bouncing.

If you don’t have the most important links on your website visible right away, they’re going to leave.

realtor website

Where do you want me to look? The picture draws my attention and then I get lost.

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5 Types Of Content Every Realtor Should Be Posting

5 Great content ideas for Realtors to attract buyers and sellers

Here is an easy plan to produce fresh content for your blog consistently.

 content realtors post

1. Local Market Updates

Easy update to do once a month.

Give your local audience a reason to click. What better reason to visit your real estate blog than to see if their home prices are increasing or decreasing?  It’s one of the best ways to attract locals. It’s also a great way build your blog subscribers.

Make sure at the end of the post to have an offer such as “receive monthly market updates”.

Extra points if you include an in-depth break down on all the numbers. The more valuable content you provide the more people will enjoy reading your posts and Google will like it as well.

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