Redfin revealed AMAZING real estate lead generation tactics

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Redfin just gave an amazing presentation on lead generation tactics that cost them millions to find out. The surprising thing is that most of these insights that help them get more leads are really simple and you can take action with these real estate lead generation tactics right away.

Watch the video if you have time, he’s great at presenting and very entertaining. If not the summary below covers it all.

Customer Reviews

Displaying customer reviews on their website helps their real estate prospects feel more comfortable when choosing an agent. Do you have testimonials on your website? That’s only the first step. People today are so immune to these types of displays you have to make sure your testimonials look as real as possible. If you can get actual video testimonials on your website that is a huge step in the right direction.  Redfin didn’t mention how much of an impact that this had but, if you take a look at their home page you can tell it definitely is working for them because it’s one of the very few things on there:



Ask for the sale

Redfin for a long while did not want to ask for the sale. They didn’t have any form for their audience to get a free home consultation and didn’t think they needed one until one of the engineers made the CEO put one on which resulted in:

a 51% increase in listing consultation requests 

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Do you have a free home consultation / evaluation on your website? Make sure it’s in a clear part of your website that isn’t hidden behind layers of navigation. It should be smack dab on the homepage.

Blend in with the website

When Redfin removed the background, the borders, and had the agent blend in with the website. They had a huge increase in people requesting their services. Have your real estate agent photo blend in with the website and be a part of the experience, not an interruption to the user experience.

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 (Each improvement added the %)

Hire a great photographer for yourself

They had pretty good pics and thought they could do a little bit better, so they hired a great photographer, stylists and makeup people. This increased conversions from visitors into leads by 15%. Something as simple as having a great picture can hugely impact your web presence.

E-mail works amazing for prospects!

Send the e-mail over the weekend. People are busy during the week and there is a substantial drop in email open rates during the week. The sweet spot is saturday morning at 7 am. This has the highest open rate for real estate prospects.  Remember, all this data is backed by Redfin who has millions of visitors every month to their website.

Use a number in your email. Some type of data point, anything short that can peek curiosity. This has also shown a huge increase in open rates for real estate prospects.

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This is a chart of 7 of the same emails with different subject lines. The email with the number is the clear winner. 

Conveyance Vs Relationship

More than half of customers want to get into the house right now. Redfin has done some intensive research on what customers want most, a relationship with their Realtor or conveyance (being able to get details or a tour of a house when they need it). There is one clear winner and that was conveyance.

Redfin has raised $99million from venture capitalist and because of that they’re getting a huge amount of traffic and get to test on it everyday. These are some of the core real estate lead generation tactics that they have found out through lot’s of experimentation. If it works for them, it’s definitely going to work for you.

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