Ask yourself this before buying .Realtor domains

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First, .Realtor domains are awesome. They provide a really brandable domain that can position yourself as an authority in your audiences mind. These are some questions you should be aware of and ask yourself before making the full commitment to moving your web presence over to .Realtor.

Will people try to put .com at the end of my .Realtor Domain?

We were really tempted to get a .CO domain for the initial launch FlyerCo – Real Estate Flyers but, we decided not to because these types of domains are still in the process of being accepted. One of the core issues is that people have come to know and trust .com’s and not trust other domains as much. Generally because a lot of the other domains have been filled with really spammy content. Also the people not as up to date with technology might not even think .Realtor works. I’m having trouble comprehending it and I love technology. This could be a real issue and potentially lose a lot of visitors that can’t find you because they’re adding .com to the domain (

Will people understand on my business cards/flyers/marketing material?

Imagine you get an awesome real estate flyer on your door step with some great information that you want to follow up with online. Below the content it says “https://Andrew.Realtor” – It doesn’t look right. To me personally it looks like a ¬†type. This person clearly forgot to put the .com at the end and i’m going to add it when I try to visit his site, or just not go to it because it’s clearly a typo.

Is the trade off worth it ? (Brand vs Loss)

People who do ‘get it’ are automatically going to see you as a different agent. This works for almost any domain where you get a really brandable word. It’s a great way to establish trust with your audience early on. Is the trade off worth it for people who will ‘get it’ and love it VS the people who are going to get lost and not know what this is? That’s for you to decide.

Can I efficiently use both .com and .Realtor?

One of the ways you might be able to use both domains effectively online is giving them two clear different purposes. Use .Realtor domain as basically an online business card people can use to quickly get information about you to call you and/or email you. Use the .com domain as your main source of traffic and to maintain your blog on. This isn’t the only way to use these types of domains, just a suggestion.

Get the domain anyway

Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to when .com’s first came out and get that domain that you’ve always wanted? Yeah, we would¬†all love to do that. This is your chance to be some of the first in line to get a high quality domain name. Even if you don’t use it right now it’s worth buying the domain and holding onto it because chances are, with time people will get used to these domains. When they do you’ll be prepared and ready to launch your new highly brandable real estate website.

.realtor domain for real estate agents

What’s your thoughts on these new domains coming out?

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  1. I agree with you, their will be confusion initially. So I will buy com and personal domains when I can.
    Thanks for the article.


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