Effective Call-to-Action Flyers for Results

A powerful call to action (CTA) will make your real estate marketing campaigns much more effective. It’s a great way to get straight to the point, attract attention from your target audience, and maximize your brand awareness on a printed flyer.

Your real estate CTA should make it clear what the customer’s desired action is, provoke emotion, and promote your services to take advantage of trends and limited-time opportunities. Creating a sense of urgency will prompt your target audience to take action.

The team at FlyerCo is here to provide you with some first-class call-to-action examples that are guaranteed to upgrade your real estate flyer campaigns. A compelling CTA is the difference between a wasted investment and a sale – here’s how to do it.

What is a Call to Action on a Flyer?

what-is-call-to-action flyers

What is a CTA in real estate? On a printed flyer, a call to action (CTA) is a phrase or idea used to promote your services. It’s displayed prominently on the flyer, usually below other key information.

With compelling calls to action on your flyers, your target audience knows what your marketing campaign is about and can follow through by engaging.

FlyerCo offers a stunning range of flyers with enough space for an organic, attention-grabbing CTA to engage with potential customers and improve conversion rates!

7 Powerful Calls to Action to Use in Your Real Estate Flyers

Effective CTA buttons on your landing page encourage website visitors to make a purchase, and CTAs on printed flyers encourage clients to take the action you want in the same manner.

Best practices for real estate CTAs include:

  • Creating a sense of urgency
  • Setting a deadline for the customer to engage with your sales team, start free trial offers of your services, or act on whatever promotion you’re running
  • Make it clear what you want the customer to do (e.g. attend an open house, view more properties on your website, etc.)

This last point is essential – so let’s explore some highly successful CTA examples you can use with your FlyerCo real estate flyers.

Want to See What Your Home is Worth?

CTA want to see what your homes worth

A real estate call to action draws the attention of homeowners. Pricing is always a hot topic in real estate – it’s bound to attract a potential client’s interest.

This action-oriented simple CTA helps them get started on their real estate journey and gives them an instant connection with a potential client.

A get started CTA banner or slogan can help guide visitors to the appropriate associate and promote your services.

Speaking of pricing – FlyerCo offers superb value on professionally designed real estate flyers. Check out our pricing plans!

Which Interior Do You Like Most?

Effective real estate call-to-action phrases make sure that more users take the next step to find out more information. It’s a great way to address the client clearly and find out more about them.

Calls to action can also include links or numbers for personal phone calls with agents to encourage more communication.

Do You Want to Know the NEW Spring Value of Your Property?

Creating a sense of urgency with call-to-action phrases like “NEW” or “LIMITED-TIME” will ensure that you get straight to the point and encourage clients to take action.

You can dramatically increase sign-ups by making it clear that some offers just don’t last. Even if the customer doesn’t follow through on this occasion, they’re now on your contact list!

Stop Paying Someone Else’s Mortgage

CTA Stop Paying Someone Else’s Mortgage

Remember to test your calls to action depending on your goal. Adding a secondary CTA can be a great way of A/B testing a marketing campaign and finding out which slogan your clients respond best to.

Take advantage of a gorgeous flyer layout from FlyerCo’s range of templates and include a second CTA to find what works best. A contrasting messaging combination, such as “Stop paying someone else’s mortgage – find YOUR dream home today!” helps take the customer on a journey from a pain point to their aspiration in an instant.

Put Getting an Appraisal on Your To-Do List!

A free consultation makes for an enticing call to action. When you create a sense of trust and loyalty by offering free trials or evaluations, customers are more likely to take a chance and engage.

A straightforward call to action might gently remind a customer of something that is already on their mind. The most effective call-to-action flyers don’t need to take the customer on a long buying journey – rather, they prompt action at the critical moment, i.e., when the customer has your contact details in front of them!

Ask Me How You Can Be in Your New Home By Christmas

One CTA that always yields results in real estate is putting the million-dollar question in the customer’s mouth – this encourages them to take the next step.

An effective CTA flyer tells the customer “This is what you want to know – and I have the answer.” It’s similar to how an SEO blog post seeks to answer questions that you already know customers are asking, and it’s great for driving engagement.

You need all the marketing strategies at your disposal to boost your real estate results. Encouraging clients to take action with a CTA button on landing pages or social media is all very well, but digital viewers will often just keep scrolling.

That’s why handheld real estate marketing materials are still essential.

Printed CTA flyers capture the attention and immediately present the reader with a real and immediate prospect. They’re an invaluable tool for growing local real estate businesses, and FlyerCo offers the best in the business – find out more!

Want to Speak to An Agent?

CTA Want to Speak to An Agent

Offering a free consultation is a great way to draw users in and provide a free quote for further services after an enticing pitch.

If clients want to view a property in a hurry, they’re much more likely to respond to a consultation with a human agent than to want to book a viewing on a website. Time is of the essence – let them know your agents are there to help!

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How do you write a catchy call to action?

Knowing what action phrases to use for each occasion can significantly improve conversion rate optimization.

A great call to action follows a character limit, has a clear value proposition, and works well with relevant images and themes to draw attention from clients.

What are some examples of call-to-action phrases in real estate?

Our list of examples above is a great starting point – but you should customize your CTAs to your needs. Tweaking stock phrases can make them much more effective.

FlyerCo has a superb collection of flyer templates that can be customized with the perfect CTA for your real estate business. Check them out now!

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