6 Safe ways to gain traffic for your real estate blog & website

It’s easy to start a real estate blog and/or website

The hard part is actually getting traffic. Here are some quick tips you can do today.

1. Facebook Page

This one should be a no brainer.

Create a Facebook fan page, invite your friends and post content they would actually want to read and share.

2. LinkedIn Groups

Join all the local community groups in your area and start contributing good useful content about the community.

DO NOT just post your boring real estate articles that have nothing to do with these groups. That’s a quick way to get banned out of the groups and ruin your real estate brand.

In this image alone you can’t see the bottom of the first page and there are over 30,000 people in groups that I can be connecting with through sharing relevant content:

gain traffic for your real estate blog and website

3. Twitter With #Hashtags

Let me start by saying: Posting with the hashtags #realestate and #realtor probably aren’t the best for you. We’ve been monitoring them for a while and most of what goes on in those hashtags are spam / other Realtors posting content no one reads.

Find out the hashtags popular in your city. You can use a tool like hashtagify.me and it will display popular tags related to the one you put in:

real estate twitter hashtag

Homework: Find the influencers in your city that you can connect with personally and figure out a way to utilize their network. A great tool for this is Follower Wonk

You can also find real estate leads on twitter with this guide

4. Grow your e-mail list

If you have a real estate blog, you want to make sure that the people who actually like your content will come back.

Chances are they won’t remember your domain or how they got there.

A great way to get them coming back is having a popup like sumome or a subscription form where they can sign up for your newsletter. It sounds simple but, you would be surprised at how many real estate agent websites and blogs are actually missing these things.

Also check out this great real estate email marketing guide

5. Forums

Again, many agents join other real estate forums to try to get clients. I wouldn’t suggest joining real estate forums unless you want to learn what other agents are doing and lead generation strategies. For that it’s perfectly fine.

To gain actual leads, join forums relevant to your city/county/state centered around your hobby.

This wont be a place to advertise your real estate stuff but, you can let it be known that you’re a real estate agent and become a reputable member of the community who happens to be a real estate agent. It’s a great way to make new connections.

6. Facebook Groups

Join Facebook groups that will benefit from your content.

Just like the forums, LinkedIn groups, and Twitter you’re going to want to join groups local and relevant to  you.

Not other real estate groups, they have all real estate agents in them, if your goal is to generate leads steer clear from them.

Most city’s have multiple groups with thousands of members. Contribute and become a member they love.

facebook groups for real estate websites

If you’re interested in paid facebook advertising see this guide: https://www.flyerco.com/facebook-real-estate-marketing/

real estate blog and website

Leave a comment below if you have any other suggestions!

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