Email tips for Realtors from marketing pros

A question was asked: “In two sentances or less, what’s your single best email marketing tip, trick, hack or piece of advice”

Here are some of the great answers with quick break downs:


Design your emails as if your readers will only scan it. Don’t make it too formal and wordy, and aim for one CTA.

Have you ever recieved e-mails with huge walls of text? I do and I never read them.

Have a button on your e-mails (CTA – Call to action) that is a clear path/action for your leads to take



Cut the length of your email copy in half.
Now cut it in half again.


email marketing tips for realtors


Build something so valuable you’d be insane to give it away for free.
Go insane.

What do you have of value? Can be as simple as your time. Figure it out and give it away!

realtor email marketing tips


Send email on a more aggressive cadence than you’re initially comfortable with (you can always throttle-back if necessary) and have a very specific call to action in every email – including specifically asking for the sale if that’s the ask. That plus AIDA and you’re golden.

AIDA: Attention, interest, desire, action

email newsletter tip for real estate agents


– Specify your customer, like, dear Jimmy
– Clear CTA to get the highest CTR as possible
– Relevant landing page

Keep the e-mail personal and relevant with a clear call to action.


Just do it.

Send out emails, accept that you are not perfect in your first round. Be aggressive in learning to get better over time.

How often are you sending out e-mails to your real estate clients to get referrals? Probably not often enough.

email newsletter tips for realtors


I would agree with @lincolnmurphy on his “specific call to action” advice. In my experience emails with one, big call to action (especially 1 big button) get up to 150% higher click through rates than long emails with multiple CTAs.

Here is a great example from FireFox:

great email tips for realtors


Don’t think too hard – just hit send.
Test everything from subject lines to calls to actions.

Monitor your open rates and click through rates. Keep in mind what’s working and not working. Kudos if you actually log it and keep track.

email click through rate


Include only one call to action consistent with what it in the subject line, never bait and switch your subject line to your email..
Don’t SPAM. Even if you are sending to a list that you have not sent to before, or one that has not opted in, tell them why they care…”You are receiving this because we found you on LinkedIn” People will appreciate that and they perform so much better.

Create e-mails of value, not brainless content that can be labeled as spam.

email tips for real estate agents


Remember that they signed up to your mailing list because they want to hear from a human being, so make it clear that you are one. I always have my sent from set to Roger from code(love), I write with a personal tone, and I sign off as myself—it works wonders from what I’ve seen.

Keep it personal

email marketing newsletter tips for real estate agents

email marketing tips

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