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Email tips for Realtors from marketing pros

A question was asked: “In two sentances or less, what’s your single best email marketing tip, trick, hack or piece of advice”

Here are some of the great answers with quick break downs:


Design your emails as if your readers will only scan it. Don’t make it too formal and wordy, and aim for one CTA.

Have you ever recieved e-mails with huge walls of text? I do and I never read them.

Have a button on your e-mails (CTA – Call to action) that is a clear path/action for your leads to take



Cut the length of your email copy in half.
Now cut it in half again.


email marketing tips for realtors


Build something so valuable you’d be insane to give it away for free.
Go insane.

What do you have of value? Can be as simple as your time. Figure it out and give it away!

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