Top PPC tips for real estate agents of ALL TIME!


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PPC through Google Adwords is one of the most effective ways you can connect with potential leads who need your real estate services right now. In this post were going to go over the most effective PPC (Pay per click) advertising tips of all time and how you can use them to get cheaper advertising with more impressions.

Sound to good to be true? It’s not, keep reading.

Quality Score – Get cheaper ads and higher placement

Quality score is the core of how Google Adwords rates your ads.

They claim that it’s a very complex algorithm that ensures that advertisers are putting the right material in front of the right prospects. It may be complicated but, it’s easy to beat.

How: Google knows and expects your advertisement to perform a certain way depending on it’s position. If you’re in the top spot, it expects you to get  6% of all traffic and if you’re in the last spot, it obviously expects you to get a lot less.

If you can perform higher than Google expects you to, then you will get a higher quality score which will result in higher ad placement with lower costs. This trumps all other metrics in their algorithm.

This comes down to how good you are at writing ad copy. The last way you will accomplish this is copying the other advertisers.

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When everyone is copying each other, this is your chance to make a real connection with the potential lead and convince them that you’re the person to go to with an advertisement.

Bid on your own name

People searching for you specifically will be highly responsive to your ad and you’ll be the only one bidding. This results in lot’s of people clicking the ad and increasing your quality score which will bring your average up on all of your advertisements.

Low quality score advertisements will bring down all the other advertisements in your campaign. This also works the other way around. If the majority of your quality scores are high, then you can bring up some lower ones with your average.

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Remember quality score is the #1 metric (Other than bidding of course) for Google PPC when deciding how much to charge you and where to place you.


90%+ of visitors who visit your website are going to leave without doing anything. That’s a huge amount of traffic that you’ve worked hard for.

How can you fix this?

Remarketing will allow you to advertise to those same visitors who left without taking any actions.

Why is this valuable?

When people see your brand more than once they start to trust it more and more. If they didn’t give you a chance at first but, start seeing your brand around the web more, you’re slowly gaining more trust in your potential leads mind.

Bid Multipliers

These allow you to set your bids based upon specific details.

(If this happens, increase my bid by 30%)

For example, one of the multiplies is location. You can bid more for people who are in as little as a 500 meter radius, up to as big of a radius you would want. This is huge for real estate agents who want to be dominate in a certain territory.

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Maybe you don’t want to bid for every single search “Orange County real estate” gets. It might be smarter to only bid when someone from Orange County is actually searching for that search term because you’re trying to increase your brand awareness with locals.

Another example is mobile and desktop. Mobile search traffic is increasing daily, literally. For some industries this is a very good thing, especially real estate agents. You have a unique opportunity for people to use a call function that takes up most of their screen and has a very high conversion rate.

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Being one of the first Realtors to use these pay per click techniques can help you in beating the competition. Getting there first will result in lower pricing and higher conversions.

Mobile advertising with call buttons changes everything. realtor ppc funnel

In your original sales funnel your potential prospect has to

See your advertisement -> Click your advertisement -> Visit your landing page -> Fill out contact form or contact you via phone.

In this method there is a lot of ways to lose the lead. Mobile advertising has the opportunity to shorten that funnel into:

Sees your advertisements -> Calls you


Use these methods to your advantage. Online marketing is changing fast and if you’re one of the Realtors who can keep up with it, there is huge opportunity out there for you.


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