1 Simple Tweak To Increase Leads From Your Real Estate Website

Here is a simple way to increase leads from your real estate website.


1. Social Proof

For real estate agents two easy types of social proof you can use are awards and testimonials.

It’s a proven psychology method to build a little trust in the users mind and an easy way to get them a little bit more comfortable with you.

See if you can spot the common trait among these 3 websites ranking well in Google for my area.

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Answer: None of them give me a reason that I should work with them.

Have any of them been working my area for a long time?

Probably… That’s some information I would want to know if I was looking for a Realtor.

All of these real estate websites have a focus on getting the user to start with a home search. In my opinion this trend started when there wasn’t reliable information for real estate searches (before Zillow/Trulia/etc).

Why are your visitors going to your website today? Probably because they want either want some questions answered or they’re looking for a real estate specialist for their area. None of these websites convey these things anywhere.

Real quick, here is a website I designed for a Realtor that is converting well.

He’s a new agent so we couldn’t use testimonials or awards (yet) but, he has a huge social media following so we used that instead and this is how I designed his website which is converting visitors into leads really well:

real estate website

Does social proof REALLY work?

Let’s take a look at what other industries are using social proof to increase conversions.

“Join 21,000 of your peers”

“6,644 companies signed up..”

How many jobs available? Making how much $? Great proof…  I’ll sign up!

Industry leader vouching for a product

Great, real people like this product.

More real people!

This is just a tip of the iceberg

If you weren’t already aware of social proof as an conversion tactic, you’ll start seeing it everywhere now…. Because it works.


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