5 Essential Tips To Get Leads From Your Real Estate Website

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Newsletter Subscription

Create the newsletter but, don’t just have it as “Subscribe to my newsletter.” There is no real incentive here for getting someone to actually sign up for your newsletter. You want to offer them something they find valuable in return for their e-mail. For example:

“Get exclusive listings in Orange County”

“Receive monthly local market updates”

“Weekly buyer and seller tips”

These are just a few examples, figure out something of value that your visitors are coming to your website for and offer that in your newsletter.

eBook offers

Also known as lead magnets. These have been proven to increase conversion over time and you definitely wont see them go away anytime soon. Just like on your newsletter the more specific and value you can add in the offer, the more likely people are to sign up for it.

Keep in mind one size does not fit all, you should definitely create different types of eBooks for different types of needs:

  • Single family home investing
  • First time buyers
  • Sellers
  • Renting Tips
  • Multi-complex investing
  • etc

Figure out your target markets needs, create an eBook offer around those.

Remember to use an opt-in for download on the eBook offers. You’re creating these as a mutual benefit for you and your potential lead.

 If they don’t personally contact you and ignore your newsletter then your eBook is your last chance to get the visitor to convert.

Free Personalized Home Quote

This is a huge indicator that the potential seller is motivated. You don’t need any fancy software to do this automatically on your website, in fact I would suggest not using any automatic home quotes.

All you need is an e-mail opt in and whenever someone signs up for the quote, e-mail them personally. When you do this, you start building a real relationship with the lead and real estate is all about relationship building.

Let them know a little bit about who you are and ask for their address so you can start doing the research to get them the quote.

Market Report

Similar to the personalized home quote but, buyers may be interested in this as well. I would probably market this offer something like this:

Market Report

Is it a buyers market or sellers?

Again, this would be an e-mail opt in offer. Everything your site should be conversion focused. Getting traffic to your website is only half of the battle.

Goals for every page

Now you know the essential tools to converting more visitors on your real estate website.

Don’t get carried away with them.

You want to strategically place everything on your website.

Use Google analytics to figure out what pages are bringing in the most traffic:

  • Is it a blog post related to first time buyers? Then offer the eBook for first time buyers on that page
  • Is it your homepage for a local keyword? A/B test multiple offers. Maybe they’ll find the market report most valuable and that will get you the most conversions. You won’t know until you test in some cases.

Having goals for every page and tracking your visitor metrics is the single most important thing you can start doing right now. Once you have that data you can start improving on it little by little.

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