5 Common Mistakes On Real Estate Landing Pages

Landing page: The first page a visitor is going to see on your website


1. Horrible navigation

The average user visits a website for 6-8 seconds before bouncing.

If you don’t have the most important links on your website visible right away, they’re going to leave.

realtor website

Where do you want me to look? The picture draws my attention and then I get lost.

Map out a process that you want either buyers or sellers to take on your website and guide them.

  • Is it for first time buyer information?
  • Investor information?
  • Seller information?

Then put it on the main page of your website and make sure it’s easily accessible.


2. Outdated Design

This is the #1 ranked website for my county (Orange County, California):

real estate website mistakes

It’s ranking well and definitely getting traffic. Probably getting leads too just because of it’s ranking in Google.

The problem is, it’s probably losing even more leads than it’s getting.


3. Bad SEO

Granted this might be a little hard to fix if you’re not web savvy. If your primary traffic is not coming from Google and you don’t want that traffic, don’t worry about it. For those agents who want to rank well with Google you should probably read our article below.

SEO tips for realtors

Getting your homepage setup correctly for Google to rank it well will only take an hour. It’s worth the effort.


4. Walls of text

Put yourself in your visitors shoes. If you’re going to a website for the first time do you want to be bombarded with irrelevant information?



Where do you even want me to click? I’m not sure.

Present small valuable chunks of information that the visitor might be interested in. If they are interested, have a link to where they can read more.

Time is valuable and you must respect that.


5. No lead capture systems

If you’ve made it this far you probably have noticed a popup. You ¬†might of closed it or you might of subscribed. The key is, it’s there and for you to make the choice. If you don’t have any way to capture leads that are coming to your site, you’re missing out on some serious potential.

The easiest way to implement ways to capture leads that are visiting your website is:


It’s a great¬†EASY to use tool that literally all you have to do is copy and paste a line of text into your website and it’s basically done.

Real estate landing page

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