Guest Posting For Realtors: Why, How & Where

Why should you guest post as a Realtor?

Guest posting is an easy way to increase your real estate websites ranking.

Every post you do will give you a link back to your website which will ultimately contribute to making it rank higher for the keywords you’re targeting.


Main reasons TO guest post:

  • Most Realtors aren’t doing it – Leaves a big opportunity for you
  • Increase your real estate seo rankings
  • Drives more traffic to your real estate website / blog
  • Long term benefits are huge – Someone will have to work twice as hard as you did to pass any SEO benefits that you’ve received from guest posting
  • Adds backlinks wherever you link to (backlinks are still the biggest ranking factor in Googles algorithm).
  • Matt Cutts (Head of Google search) even said it’s awesome 🙂


*Notes before investing your time into guest posting

You’re going to want to make sure your on page SEO is done correctly beforehand. Having bad on page SEO will decrease any benefits from guest posting.


What to avoid when guest posting:


Self promotional content – The content you’re posting on someone elses blog has to be unique and GOOD. If you write something that no one wants to read it wont get published and that website owner probably won’t give you another shot. Make sure the content you write for other people is just as good as what you post on your own website.


Linking to yourself unnaturally – Most website owners don’t mind if you link to yourself inside the content you wrote once or even a few times. If you get carried away with it, it’s obvious what you’re doing and they will not publish your article. Only link to yourself when it’s completely natural inside the article.


Avoid low ranking websites – The one thing you want to avoid when guest posting is writing content for someone that has a low ranking / low quality website. Guest posting was abused a year ago and Google got strict on it’s guidelines on who it accepts to guest post.


Don’t use the same article everywhere – Google sees this as spam and you will be penalized.


How can you find good places to guest post?

Look for blogs/news websites with a high ranking domain authority that allow guest posting relevant to your niche. You can do this easily with a tool such as the Moz Bar (for Google Chrome).


Simply, turn on the mozbar and it will give you the stats of the website you’re looking at.

real estate guest posting

Anything DA above 25 is good

Anything DA above 40 is great

*Quick note – The more relevant the place is with your guest post, the better it will affect your rankings.


Places you can start guest posting about real estate right now:

Local news websites

Inman blog (here)

Geek Estate



Outreach tips

It’s worth talking about outreach because before any of those websites above accept any guest posts you’re going to have to talk to whoever is in charge and convince them that they should let you write for them.

General rules of thumb for outreach:

  • Ask if they’re still accepting contributors before writing anything for them
  • Have content ready so you can show them examples of your work
  • If they don’t respond in a few days, follow up.
  • If they don’t like your first piece of content, try again. (Inman didn’t like our first 3 pitches, now we’re a consistent contributor with our own account on their website)
  • Always be thinking about what their audience would enjoy first.

Outreach resources & case studies:

Buzz Stream – Outreach guide w/ real examples

Social Media Examiner – Outreach tips

Moz – Outreach guide

Ultimate guest blogging and outreach guide by Kiss Metrics

guest posting for real estate agents

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