10 Unexpected Places to Generate Leads

There are plenty of great lead generation companies out there; but sometimes great leads come from unexpected sources. It may take a little creativity to dig up the untapped lead sources. Remember you are an expert on your community; you often just need to leverage your connections to generate leads.

Here is a look at places right down the road to network, pass out flyers, and build your reputation.


  1. Garage Sales

Often times, people have garage sales because they’re about to move. This is a great place to network. And even if the person isn’t moving or already has a Realtor, it’s still an event that brings the neighbors together and provides a great way to get your name out there.


  1.  HOA Groups

Homeowners associations get a bad rep, but they’re necessary and they carry influence. If you befriend them, you could be the official referral of your neighborhood.


  1.  Marriage Counselors

A lot of couples in premarital counseling are getting ready to move in together, or move to a bigger place together. Either way, if you have your business cards sitting in the lobby or befriend the therapist, you could capture these valuable leads.


  1.  Little League Sports

Booster clubs are a great way to raise awareness of your brand in the community. Your name/logo plastered on the back of a jersey can work wonders for marketing. Plus you’ll live forever in the infinite number of proud parents’ Instragram posts.


  1.  Charities

Another great brand awareness opportunity is to support a local charity. There’s nothing as satisfying as giving back to the place and the people that you love. This establishes you as a community voice and authority. It also reflects well on your personal social media to be a strong advocate for a good cause.


  1.  Financial Advisors

Few things carry as much credibility as a business referral from a financial advisor. People trust their fiscal advisors with their- well, with all their money.

  1.  Appraisers, Mortgage Offices, etc.

It makes sense to network with other real estate related professionals. Like a financial advisor, these are some of the people that will be contacted first for referrals.


  1.  Radio Spots

There are two types of radio commercials: The fun kind that get stuck in your head all day, and the annoying ones that make you change the station immediately. If you think you can produce the former, this is a great form of lead generation!

  1.  Open Houses

This often discredited form of marketing is not about selling a property; it’s about selling your name.

      10. Value Estimate Sites

Did you know you can get exclusive dibs on leads from some home value estimate sites? From MoveUp.com to RealEstate.com, there are plenty of places where you can snag the leads of people who are obviously about to be on the market.


You never know what marketing strategy could land you the listing to change your career. If you can just choose one or two of the community lead generation opportunities listed above, you can see a shift in your business within weeks!

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  1. Charity works like magic – it appeals to emotion and people will naturally trust and want to do business with you as a payback. Great tips


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