Real Estate Content Strategies To Win Leads

 Different types of real estate content have different types of strategies that should be attached to them. A great real estate content plan includes all types of content working together to execute a greater plan.


Keyword Intent Real Estate Content

Intent-based keywords are the absolute best type of content to create and rank for. You know what the searcher is looking for and those terms show intent. Not many people search for “Yorba Linda Realtor” without wanting to find a real estate agent to work with.

Let’s take a closer look at this keyword.


“Yorba Linda Realtor” – 50 searches/month

real estate content

MozBar Estimated Keyword Difficulty – 40%

real estate newsletter

Now looking at the search results, we can see someone with a pretty weak domain authority and page authority is ranking on the first page:

real estate content writer

What links are helping them rank? Let’s take a look.

realtor content

Their backlinks are very low quality and easy to beat.

Great news for you because with some real effort you’ll be able to rank past them and get on the front page of Google for some really good search terms.


What does this tell us?

It tells us that it’s possible to rank for these keywords rich with intent and rank for them. If you take a broader look now you’ll see that you can also target all the cities around you with the same keyword. Yorba Linda, Anaheim Hills, Placentia, etc. Individually they might not be huge in traffic but as a whole, they can all contribute to your real estate lead generation and are definitely obtainable.

 Community Focused Real Estate Content

This type of real estate content is focused on creating sharable posts based on what’s going on in your communities.

Types of community content:

  • If there are any big events coming to your city, being one of the first to cover it can rank your post up quickly and drive traffic to your real estate website.
  • If any celebrities are moving in you can cover it and have content to entertain your audience.
  • Anything related to the communities you serve you should try and be the first to cover.

One of the main advantages to creating and sharing this type of content is that it’s the type of real estate content that people will actually engage with when shared via social networks. Maybe your closest friends MIGHT give you a like if you post about why people should work with you or anything of that nature but, ultimately no one really wants to see that on their Facebook newsfeed when they log in.

Use this type of content to entertain your audience and drive new leads that need to be nurtured to turn into leads.


Expertise Real Estate Content

This is the type of content that might bore most of your Facebook friends. Topics might include things such as:

  • Market Updates / Evaluations
  • Loan / Mortgage Updates
  • Anything semi-related to this type of stuff

The best way to use this type of content is to put it in your weekly/monthly real estate newsletter. Your newsletter should contain all types of content but, it’s also what establishes you as an expert in your audience’s mind. They need to think of you when they think of anything real estate-related and that’s exactly where your real estate newsletter comes in. Draw them in with entertaining posts, continue giving them that, and establish yourself as an expert in their mind with everything else you have to offer.


What’s the best type of real estate content to create?

All of it!

  • Use keyword intent real estate content to rank up and obtain leads that are ready to make a move.
  • Use expertise content in your newsletter to become your audience expert for local real estate information
  • Use community / entertaining content to draw in an audience


Where should you distribute your real estate content?

Writing your great blog posts isn’t enough these days. Every real estate blog post idea that you write about should have an equal amount of time spent in distributing it to the proper places that will help drive traffic and ultimately subscribers to your real estate newsletter.

Places to distribute:

  • Facebook Groups + Your own page/newsfeed
  • Google + Communities
  • Twitter with proper #HashTags
  • Local community forums
  • Local news websites if they haven’t covered what you wrote about
  • Your real estate newsletter
  • Connect with local bloggers who have their own newsletters and tap into their audience! If it’s a good post they only benefit from good content and so do you.
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Meetup Newsletters – If you’re a part of any meetups, ask if they can send out one of your posts that relates to their community.
  • ve did the proper on-page SEO.
  • Third make sure that your content is GOOD.

A good piece of content (blog post, website page, whatever) will answer the searchers’ search terms.

You may of read something about the specific amount of words Google wants in a post and let me tell you… Coming from someone who has multiple #1 ranking blog posts/websites, it’s all garbage.

Your content should live off of 1 rule:

Completely cover the topic that the searcher is searching for and make sure that they don’t need to go anywhere else after landing on your page. To do this you’ll always end up with over 300 words and won’t have to worry about ‘best practices’ for real estate seo.


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