Real Estate Buyer Leads: Everything you need to know

Buyer leads for real estate agents can be challenging to come buy. Once you start dissecting what exactly they are and understand how to connect with them it gets easier to consistently generate real estate buyer leads for free or with paid options.

What exactly is a buyer lead?

This is a simple question but, important because you want to identify what a real estate buyer actually is. Not all real estate buyer leads are created equal.

Types of real estate buyer leads:

  • Renters moving up to purchasing a home
  • Investors looking to invest in more properties as an income stream
  • Sellers who have sold a home and looking for something new
  • Out of state referrals
  • Out of state people who are looking to buy in a short time period
  • Developers who want to make a profit and a deal off buying some real estate

 align your marketing message with the type of real estate buyer lead you’re targeting.

How to generate real estate buyer leads on your website or blog

To capture these type of leads on your blog you’re going to need a mix of showing off why you’re great to work with and offers that will capture them as a lead.


Great content 

Content should include direct messages on how you’re going to help them in their buying process. Make sure to be specific in these messages and have different sections that have different messages according to what type of buyer lead they are.


Lead capture form

Use lead capture forms to trade the buyers contact information in return for something such as an eBook or a free consultation.

Great tool for lead capture:

SumoMe – Has a great free popup to capture leads information.

Lead Pages – Easily create single purpose pages to convert visitors into buyer leads.


Contact information easily available

If your prospects are in a hurry and are just looking to get information fast they probably just want to call you. Make sure that your contact information on your website is easily available.


Social Proof / testimonials

Using testimonials as social proof is great way to establish trust with buyers quickly and show them visually that you’re a great agent to work with.

Great real estate testimonials


Exclusive property search

Another way to attract real estate buyer leads is probably what you’re already doing by including an MLS search on your website.  The more exclusive you can make your listings appear, the more intriguing it will be for a buyer to enter in their contact information.

Website Box – $99 one time fee website with MLS installed


How to get free real estate buyer leads

Buyer leads are going to come from three main sources: Referrals, organic search results and paid advertising.

Generate real estate buyer leads from your website:

The prospect should have to enter in their contact information to receive any of these offers

  • First time buyer eBook – Things to look out for when purchasing a new home
  • Investors ROI handbook – How to get the best ROI when buying a property
  • Renters moving up guide – The affordable ways to buy homes
  • Fresh relevant blog content – If you have great information that buyers need to know and want to stay updated with, they will subscribe.
  • Free consultation based on the type of buyer – You should have different offers on different pages. If you have an investor page the consultation offer should be directly related to that page

e.g. “Get a free consultation on how I get investors ROI consistently better than any other Realtor.”

After you have these offers in place, the next step is to start driving traffic to your website.


How to get paid real estate buyer leads

After you get all of the above in place you can start advertising your website online and capturing buyer leads.

Your main paid traffic sources for buyer leads online are:

Facebook Paid Ads – Watch the video above for an in-depth explanation on how to do this effectively.

PPC – Completely different than Facebook paid advertisements.

Before starting a PPC campaign you should start with Facebook for one main reason:

Facebook ads are a lot cheaper to experiement with.

If you’re paying for Facebook leads and it’s not converting into buyer leads, it’s not going to break your bank. After you know that your website is converting visitors into actual leads, then you can start experimenting with PPC knowing that your money wont be wasted.


How to get free craigslist buyer leads

The main way to get real estate buyer leads off craigslist is posting up homes for sale and waiting for a response. Generally these leads are going to be a lot lower quality and we do not suggest using this method.

If you’re a new real estate agent with a small budget, it might be viable to generate a couple of your first sales and help get you started. Other than that we suggest staying away from Craigslist.


Quick recap:

First, create certain pages on your website that are targeted to individual buyers. Specific messages work better than broad, the goal of this is creating a page with all the information they need to know before working with you and closing the lead with an offer / lead capture deal.

Second, drive traffic to your real estate website.

Third, capture the buyer leads on your website.

Fourth, follow up and close the deal!


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