Modern Effective Realtor Advertising Ideas

Realtor Advertising Ideas List

Advertising as a real estate agent can be tough, here’s some ideas

Facebook Paid Advertising

There are a ton of ways to do Facebook advertising as a Realtor.

The key is identifying who your target market is and creating an advertisement that they would be interested in.

We also have a in-depth guide for Facebook advertising for real estate agents here

Some key advertising concepts for real estate agents thinking about advertising on Facebook:


Build your fan page

Pay to gain local fans. The great thing about having a fan page is that once these people are apart of your fan page, they are your fans for a very long time!

This means every time you push out content, you will always have a place to go where people are interested in hearing what you have to say. These fans should be local as well.

Make an effort to build a relationship with every single fan you get.

When all you’re looking for is a quick listing, you miss out on the the relationships that build before any listings happen at all. If you have 1000 Facebook fans, you should try to speak to every single one.

Do it as they join, not all at once.

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10 Key indicators of motivated seller leads

.motivated seller leads

Nothing better then some motivated seller leads.

The problem is, how do you figure out which ones are motivated and which ones are just wasting your time?

Try using some of these indicators to figure that out.

question everything

1. They inquire information about selling their home online

When someone fills out a form on your website, it’s not for fun. In person a neighbor might stop by an open house and ask you what their house might be worth just because they’re curious.

If someone actually takes the time to do some type of search, end up on your website, browse your website and then fill out the some information. They are serious.

Remember these people don’t want to be harassed so they might play it off like maybe they do just want information but, you know all the activities they had to do before hand to get that information off you. It wasn’t easy and you should stay on top of these motivated seller leads.

Make sure your forms are easy to fill out on your website so you don’t lose any potential leads and have high conversion rates.

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