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We made our selection solely based off design

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Graphic River (Premium, prices vary around $6)

They have a huge selection of real estate business card templates, we just choose which ones we think are best.

You may think differently so be sure to check them out!

(To use these you will need Photoshop to edit them, or hire someone which you can do from for $5 )


This is a great one if you have a professional photo to put on your Realtor business card. ¬†It keeps everything very simple and the quality of the design shows off that you’re an up to date real estate agent.


This is a clean, simple and elegant card. I imagine the Realtor who would use something like this would be someone who is highly respected and drives a BMW.


Now this is a truly awesome one. The real estate agent who picks something like this is definitely web savvy. It has that web 2.0 feel to it and screams modern tech.


This is a great real estate business card template for the agent who takes themselves very seriously. The designer used the last name ‘law’ and I don’t think he used that name because it’s a real name. The card reminds us of something a lawyer would use. Definitely a great card if you can pull it off.


These are great business cards as well. Web 2.0 feel, friendly colors. If someone worked for Redfin or Keller Williams I would expect them to have something like this. It’s an overall good design, if I could change anything I might change the colors.


These are my personal favorite. Modern and classy all at the same time. Reminds me of something a luxury Realtor would use as a business card.

Realty Cards

Great simple and professional cards.

Great quality overall. Pay for amount ordered, 100 at $34. Fair price.

What we really like about this company is that they have business cards for:

Remax, Berkshire Hathaway, Prudential, Keller Williams, Century 21, Coldwell Banker, ERA Real Estate, Independent Realtor business cards, Assist 2 sell, Balboa, Better homes and gardens, exit realty and many many more.



realty business card templates

Moo Realtor Cards

The first thing you need to know about moo is that they are a high end business card company. It is their bread and butter.

Their cards come in higher stock and the overall quality is just superb.

So the prices will be a little more when you are ordering them but, it’s totally worth it!

Also they are easy to customize online. So you won’t need to download anything to customize these cards.

moo real estate business cards

That’s all folks!

There are a lot more companies that make real estate business cards but, none of them are worth mentioning or come close in terms of design.

What did you think about these designs? Leave a comment below!

3 thoughts on “Real Estate Business Cards | The Best Of”

  1. What excellent examples! They all look very well done and professional. I did see one business card that I wish I had a picture of, it had a picture of a for sale sign on one side with a sold sticker over it. It defiantly stood out and was memorable. Thanks for sharing all of these examples!

  2. As agent myself, I do not have time to spend designing business cards, I seen some really nice affordable designs here in the article for business cards, but again, have to buy the design, hire someone to edit then pay to print. I have been ordering through one site because they are approved vendor of my company Keller Williams. Do you know if any of the designs in article are approved by Keller Williams?

    • Hi Michael, I hear you. The development team at is actually working on creating templates for businesses cards that would be Keller William approved, among many other agencies. In the meantime, check out the available templates at

      You can select a template, modify it using the online tool, and then save as a PDF. This could then be printed anyweher!

      They will save a copy of your design for any future editing.


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