1 Secret tactic to reach new markets w/ your real estate blog

Quick overview before the reveal

I noticed a lot of real estate agents are putting good effort into blogging. The problem with blogging in it’s current state is that you’re all blogging about the same things, going for the same keywords and it’s turning into a frenzy. Luckily you are all in different local markets so the more targeted your blog is, the higher chance you have of your posts ranking well.

Let me repeat that:

The more targeted your blog is, the higher chance you have of your posts ranking well. If you have done any SEO research by yourself… You probably already know that and you’re looking for something new, so let’s get into it.

What this new tactic will do for your real estate blog:

  • Allow you to reach new markets none of your competitors are in
  • Drive more traffic to your real estate blog
  • Give you NEW keywords to target with less competition
  • Increase your following on all social networks
  • Find leads who share your passion (*hint)

That sounds pretty amazing right? Maybe even to good to be true? It’s not.


Here is the secret tactic that no one else is doing:

Blog about your local hobby / something you’re really interested. Other then real estate.


Ok, now hear me out before closing the window.

If you finished a blog post right now on ‘Why sellers should pick you’, or ‘Buyers mistakes on X’, targeted to picking up new clients, how would you actually reach new leads with that post? Wait for Google to pick it up? Tweet it and get maybe 2 visitors? Not so efficient…


If you finished a blog post right now on Ducati (motorcycle) clubs in orange county. You can take the post and distribute it to all the local motorcycle forums, Google plus communities, Facebook communities, etc.

And guess what!

If they like the post they’re gonna subscribe and check out who you are!

And guess what again!

You’re most likely the only Realtor doing things like this so when they need a real estate agent, who’s going to be the first person they call? Their friend they haven’t spoke to in years, or the agent they know who shares the same passion about motorcycles too?


You can do this two ways

Start a new blog dedicated to your hobby

Starting a new blog these days is getting easier and easier. You can set one up in less then an hour. If you’re not tech savvy then just head over to wordpress.com and use one of their hosted ones.

If you end up doing it this way, make sure to brand it with all your real estate stuff. You want it to be clear that you’re a real estate agent who enjoys whatever it is you choose to blog about.


incorporate it into your current blog.

Just start a new category dedicated to this and keep it just in one category.

You still want to look professional but, kind’ve give a peek into what you do on your free time as well.

The next step is distribution of your blog posts

This is where it really gets exciting.

Social Media Overview

The main targets are going to be: LinkedIn groups, Google plus communities, Facebook groups.

You need to focus on becoming a part of these communities who share the same interest with you. Share your posts but, also help out with any questions people have and contribute in a non spammy way.

While you’re contributing, also make sure your profile is targeted so that anyone who views it knows exactly who you are.

Local & Non Local Forums

A lot of these forums allow you to create a signature much like the one in your e-mail. Sometimes it’s restricted until you have a certain amount of posts.

The great thing about contributing and becoming a part of these forums is that, it’s something you enjoy. So really actually try and help people out.

The more authentic you are in not just promoting yourself, the more people will start to like you.

They’re going to use you as an agent because they like who you are as a person, not because you spammed them with your content.

Local Relevant Blogs

Have you wrote something really great about your hobby? Then go contact some of the top local bloggers who talk about the same thing and let them know about it!

This could end up with them giving you a tweet, possibly even linking to your post on their blog or maybe they get interested in having you do a guest post that will drive more traffic to your blog.

Local Influencers

Use tools like Followerwonk to find out who’s the head honcho and start building a relationship with him.

Start by just tweeting him a link of something you wrote and if he enjoys it he will tweet back. If not, write something better and try again… Or even better, reply to some of his tweets that you like first and build a real relationship not based off just you 🙂

This tactic should be FUN for you!

Don’t look at this tactic as a chore where now you have to manage a real estate blog and something else.

Look at it for what it really is:

You now have an excuse to get better at what you love to do

The more you learn, share and contribute to local forums, communities, etc. The more authority you will build around these people!

So take some time off, go find a forum or two that you would enjoy being a part of and go ask questions about things you were curious about. Go help people who need an answer that you have and before you know it, you’ll have new clients because you’re a good person who shares the same passion with these people.

What did you think about this tactic? Leave a comment below!

Also don’t forget to share, we love you 🙂

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