10 ways to capture leads on your real estate website

Use as many combinations of these ideas to help capture leads on your real estate websitecapture-leads

Create an e-mail offer to capture leads

This is the easiest way to capture a new leads contact information. Most websites can do this with a 20%+ conversion rate (which means 20% of all visitors will sign up).

When trying to get a visitors e-mail there are some key components you want to keep in mind:

  • Where is my e-mail capture form placed?
  • Is the copy (writing) compelling to get people to sign up?
  • Does it stand out?
  • Am I offering anything worth signing up for?

It’s always good practice to set goals for every page on your real estate website. When they land on your main homepage is your goal to get them to signup for your e-mail list or is it for them to perform a home search?

I would argue that getting them to perform a home search is a lot harder then getting them to enter in their e-mail.

Your visitors are most likely already searching mainstream brands that they trust for homes. When they get to your website, try and figure out why they got there in the first place. What type of information are they looking for and how can you offer that information in trade for an e-mail or whatever you are trying to get?



You probably have noticed we have a popup on this website. If you didn’t, then you probably will in a couple seconds 🙂

The thing is…. They work!

Also they are really easy to install!

We are currently using SumoMe (which has a wordpress plugin and HTML plugin)but, there are a lot of other options as well.

One of the best poups is https://ninjapopups.net/ – wordpress


Online chat

This is a great way to engage with visitors who are currently on your website and it’s pretty easy to install some of the live chat systems.

You can also use this for some qualitative data and message your visitors directly with the goal of finding out what they’re looking for. If you talk to 10 visitors and every single one came to your site to do a property search, then maybe tailor your site more towards a property search.

You can usually install these types of programs with a single line of code and just copy + pasting.

https://www.olark.com/– is one of the best for this. Really easy to install just copy and paste a line of code.


Blog subscription

Content is king.

Write something potential buyers and sellers will find interesting.

One piece of content that will never get boring to buyers and sellers is content targeted to their neighborhood.

Is my local community prices falling? Rising? Did something major happen I should know about? Are there close by events I should think about going to?

All of these directly interest sellers and buyers.

Use this to  your advantage and get them hooked.


Free estimate

What’s the a huge sign that a seller might be interested in listing their home on the market?

Inquiring about how much their house might be worth!

Everyone is interested in what their current home price is but, only the motivated will actively do something about it.

You can use this as a tactic into baiting for your visitors contact information.

This can be a great way to target seller listings who are thinking about selling their home.

If you’re a seller agent, consider putting this offer on your main image of your home page with an e-mail subscription form.


eBook for buyers and sellers

The great thing about eBooks is that they hold value in the consumers mind.

They also show that the visitor has huge interest in taking action.

Create an eBook and offer it for download in return for the users e-mail.

An easy way to create an eBook is using Power Point and exporting the presentation as a PDF file.

https://www.3dissue.com/flip book eBook software

https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/how-to-create-ebooks-free-templates-ht tutorial for creating a good eBook

https://mashable.com/2012/07/19/digital-tools-create-ebook/ great list of eBook resources


Property Search

Keep in mind when having a property search on your website, you should also have a reason for the visitor to use it.

Why should I use your IDX property search over Zillow/Trulia/Realtor/etc ?

Do you have exclusive listings? Or anything that might be of value to me?

If that’s true then make sure you advertise it!

I see so many real estate websites with a property search in it and no compelling reason why I should use that over the main stream brands.

If you want me to give you my information or spend time on your site, give me a reason!


Ask a question box

Sellers and buyers both have lot’s of questions. A lot of the time they are so unique, no blog in the world can answer them because they are also specific.

Add a “Ask a question” box to your website where visitors can just start typing wherever it’s placed, any question they have.

After they click submit, then get their e-mail so they can get the answer.

(two step process to reduce friction and increase people using it)

Every time someone asks a question, you get a new lead 🙂

throw a contest

Throw a contest

Give people something to win!

Make sure it’s local and authentic though. If you have something like an Amazon gift card for $100 people might think it’s fake/spam.

Give away gift card(s) from a local restaurant.

Even better, talk to the local restaurants and businesses around you and get them to give you free stuff to throw the contest with!

Your side of the deal would be in giving them free advertising. Let the owners know that your contest will be seen by thousands of people and it’s a great way to get their name in front of potential local customers. Now you get free gift cards to give away, they get free exposure and both parties are happy!

Don’t forget to share the contest on social media for maximum exposure.

https://gleam.io/contest app

https://woobox.com/photocontests facebook contests

real estate newsletter

Local Neighbor Newsletter

There are people in every community doing really awesome stuff.

Offer them a way to let people know what they’re doing and create a newsletter that only consists of news from actual community members.

This method may take some effort, you may have to make some real estate flyers that ask for people who would want to be in your newsletter.

After it starts growing and catching on, then people will start contacting you. Anyone that is doing something locally will want you to cover it and will be talking about your newsletter with their friends.

I think one of the best ways to execute this is to have one side of your flyer completely dedicated to growing your local newsletter and have the other side your marketing side.

This is one of the hardest things to build on the list because it takes the most time but, it also gives you the most control and power after completed.

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