The Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Plan For New Agents

This real estate marketing plan was made to do one thing:

Get real estate listings within 2 months

There is more activities you can focus on outside this plan but, we are going to outline the core activities that will get you business the fastest.

*Note – Zillow/Trulia leads + Any other online leads DO work but, they require an advertising budget, a lead nurture system and experience. It is not worth the investment when starting out. Go with these methods that have been proven over time and will always work. 

The Cold Hard Truth – You are in the business of creating a bigger database. What’s in your database is people and more importantly, the relationships you build with them. The more people you can meet and build a relationship with, the more successful you will become.

Sphere of Influence

Sphere of influence is another term for your network. The people who you have built a relationship with before you even entered into real estate.

You’re going to want to reach out to them and let them know you’re now an agent. Not only that but, you need to ask them if they know anyone that is thinking about selling and get them to become a ‘brand ambassador’.

The easiest way to get them to refer you:

First, send them a direct message on Facebook! Get them when they’re online so you can have a live conversation with them.  Or text/call them depending on how close you are with them.

When you make this contact keep in mind you have a goal.

Your goal should be to get them to refer you to someone.

Do you think you can refer me to someone that might be interested in real estate ? They don’t have to be interested in moving right now but, I just need to make some new friends

Don’t start the conversation with this question, if you do it will be easy to ignore you. Get them talking first, it doesn’t have to be about real estate.

Do this with everyone on your Facebook friends list and by the end of the day you will have a huge new list of connections to work with. After you build a relationship with the new connections, you can do this method with them too… You see how it works? Always be increasing your database!

Build A ‘Farm’

Building a farm is one of the easiest things to do and it has a funny side benefit… You get fit while doing it!

Choose a neighborhood of at least 1000 homes and start dropping off flyers to them every month. Make these flyers relevant to their neighborhood e.g. “Monthly neighborhood price update”. People are always interested in what’s going on with the biggest investment they have ever made in their life (their home).

You should have two goals while doing this:

1. Stay consistent and always be dropping off flyers so you stay on the forefront of everyones mind.

2. Talk to people when you see them outside their house. If you have a relevant flyer to them, then it’s easy. Start with the flyer!

“Hey, I just wanted to give you this flyer… Did you know this house down the street was selling for $XXXXX ?”

“Oh, really.. Well you know Bob down the street was thinking about selling, he is going to be happy about that!”


-Wait what! See how easy that can be. Just like that you got a new fresh lead. Of course that won’t happen the majority of the time (the bob lead part)… So keep something to say in your back pocket at all times and this is something you can say to follow up the first line:

“Well thanks for your time, oh by the way… Were you interested in getting a free estimate on how much your house is worth? All I would need is your e-mail”


Most of the time you will get a yes, and after you get their e-mail it’s all about relationship building.

Open Houses

This is by far one of the best ways to consistently get leads. Every agent does these and it’s not for the sellers. They are the best way to get leads.

Have an open house as much as possible, every Friday and Saturday. Without a doubt in 1 month of consistently holding open houses, you will have at least 20 leads to work with and one of those leads will be ready to take action.


Door Knock FSBO’s

This is a method for the scrappy real estate agents that are willing to do anything for a listing. I say that because FSBO’s are generally the hardest listings to get.

Even though they are the hardest listings to get, you know one thing for sure: They want to sell.

Now where else can you find someone that definitely wants to sell and has no agent? Nowhere!

The problem is, is that normally these people are really stubborn and you’re going to have to break them down.

Cold calling these people doesn’t really work but, it can with enough effort.

The sure-fire way to get a chance at listing with these people is to go to their door and knock on it in person.

Figure out why they are moving, what’s their actual motive and use that to your advantage.

Oh they want to move to Florida and lay by the beach? Paint the picture for them

“Look, I know you want to be on beach in Florida and I want to help you get there. Your house has already been on the market X days, how much longer are you going to wait? I can get you on that beach you just need to trust in me.”[

This is a PROVEN core that has withstood the test of time and will always work.

You have to remember two things.

  • Becoming a real estate agent is not a get rich quick business. As long as you are doing the right activities, with time your business with grow.
  • Believe in you. Do whatever it takes to stay motivated, think of the future successful you and never give up or slow down.


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real-estate-marketing-plan(ps here is a list of real estate flyer templates )

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