Huge List of Real Estate Marketing Ideas & Resources

This post will be constantly updated with every real estate marketing idea we can think of.

Some will be ideas that you already know but, our goal is to have the biggest list that you can always come to and find something new to try.

If you have any of your own, leave a comment and we will add it to the list and throw a link to your website beside it!

Real Estate Marketing Ideas

real estate marketing ideas

Door Knocking

One of the old school method that requires some confidence. This isn’t for everyone and there is a lot of information already out there on this.  It’s one of the hardest marketing tactics to do but, also has the potential to get you listings the quickest.

Here is a good conversation worth the read between Realtors on Door Knocking

Door knocking scripts and advice

email marketing for realtors

E-mail Marketing

If you do e-mail marketing correctly, this can be a huge advantage you have over any other agents in the game.

It’s not just about setting up a newsletter and putting your lead on auto-pilot. That might work in some cases but, you need to look at it from a conversion stand point.

Auto-pilot news letters may convert 10% of all leads (and that’s being generous).

It’s definitely possible to get 50% or more conversion rate from every e-mail you get. You have to nurture your lead. To do this it requires effort in building the relationship with the person.

We are in the process of writing an in-depth marketing guide on how to setup e-mail newsletters and how to get them to convert highly.. For now, just put them on auto-pilot and send them a personal e-mail every month and start a real conversation with them. Become their friend and after you have a solid relationship, ask for their business.

Mailchimp is a free service you can get started on.

also check out this post on how to get started with e-mail marketing 

cold calling

Cold Calling

Despite what anyone says about cold calling, it does work. Is it hard and suck being told no all day in hopes for one yes? Yes it does suck! Just like door knocking, this might not be for everyone. It can produce listings every month, I know from experience but, you don’t need to do this to have a successful business. Some things won’t be your style and that’s ok.

Good conversation on cold calling here:

personal recommendation: Spin selling technique

Amazons top cold calling books

linkedin marketing idea


Message your friends on LinkedIn and ask for referrals or business.

Join LinkedIn communities and become active. The goal would be to make friends in these communities and then ask for their business.

facebook marketing

Facebook Ads

There is two strategies you can take with Facebook.

1. Direct link to your website and try to get leads.

2. Link to your Facebook fan page and try to get fans which you will turn into leads.

Personally I think the second way is the best way and I wrote about how you can do it here:

Also check out this post on Facebook paid marketing strategies for Realtors

open house marketing

Open Houses

Open houses are GOLD for every real estate agent. This is a widely known best practice.

One key point I want to add to this idea is : After you get the leads e-mail / contact information, it’s never enough to just add them to some automatic list.

You always should remember you have to nurture every lead you get and build a real relationship with them.

Again – After you get the e-mail, it should go into a greatly crafted e-mail marketing system.

real estate post cards

Post cards

Birthdays, Anniversary, Whatever occasion. You always need to be on the fore front of your leads mind. Any humble real reason you can get to send a lead a post card, do it.  Hand written is best, with a gift card 🙂

Get some real estate post card templates here

Also try our service for creating real estate flyers

host an event

Host a free event for a local community

Throw a block party or a blood drive. The possibilities are endless but, they all have the same goal: Get a large amount of people to go to an event hosted by you. You’re the host, which means they not only are in the mindset of thinking highly of you but, it’s the easiest way to get their contact information.

youtube marketing


There are a million ways to do this but, make a YouTube video on absolutely anything. It doesn’t have to be about real estate. The more viewers you get who know who you are and like your content, the higher your chances are of getting a new listing.

If you post strictly updates about markets or some other boring subject, people don’t want to subscribe.  Be an entertainer. Get them to fall in love with you for you, who happens to be a real estate agent.

YouTube marketing guide

sponsorship marketing idea

Sponsor a local mom & pop shop

Make them your brand ambassadors. You could probably get this done for free depending how good your hustle skills are.

Make them an offer to give them a commission for every lead they send you. Also keep in contact with them at least every 3 months so they proactively know that you’re looking for them for help.

Make them feel like they have a big difference in your business, because they really can.

Also think about sponsoring a local meetup

dry cleaner business card


Put your business cards in the local dry cleaners

This is an easy one, almost all dry cleaners have a place for flyers and it’s easy and free.

If someone picks it up and calls you even once a year, that’s only $10 of business cards for a potentially really great listing or buyer lead!

shopping cart advertising for realtors

Shopping cart advertisements

For the agents who have money. This is a proven but, expensive way to get clients.

It’s also a great way to brand you in your local farm.

Residents are always excited when they see someone they know doing something unique like advertising on a shopping cart.

content marketing realtor marketing ideas

Content Marketing

What is content marketing? Well you found this blog because we create awesome content that isn’t about our company FlyerCo. What is our goal? Our goal is to build trust, we are giving you as much value as possible and in return you might check out our product for easily creating your own real estate flyers online.

Fun stat: The average reader needs to come back to your blog 5x before having trust in your company.

What is content marketing? 

The advanced guide to content marketing – Really well designed.

How to develop and implement a successful content marketing strategy

car wrap real estate marketing idea

Car Wrap

Believe it or not, it’s a great way to actually get the word out there that you’re a real estate agent.

You probably visit some of the same places a lot and see a lot of the same people but, might not talk to them all. This let’s them know what you do without saying a word and who knows, maybe if they’re in the market they will come up to you!

Or maybe you leave the office at the same time everyday and people start getting used to seeing your car on their way home.

Of course they’re going to want to give you a call!

It’s cheap and easy to do.

sponsor a team marketing idea

Sponsor a schools team

Help kids achieve more and their parents will love you. Wouldn’t you like it if someone helped your kid in some way? This is a great way into peoples hearts.

local events

Keep track of local events and sponsor as many as you can

If you’re going to sponsor an event, make sure you’re actually there. When people see your giant face on a banner, that’s the perfect opportunity to talk to them and turn them into a lead.

real estate business cards

Leave your business cards everywhere

Fun story: One night I was out at a bar and ended up leaving 5 business cards on the table I was sitting at. The next morning I got a call from a lead which turned into a client.

Need a business card? check out this post on real estate business cards


Contact real estate lawyers and build a partnership

Building these type of partnerships can single handedly make your business triple in size. It takes a lot of effort but, it’s definitely worth it and it’s also one of the most well kept secrets from the top agents.

referral marketing idea

Get your current clients to give you leads to NEW clients

Also a proven technique that every agent does. If you aren’t already doing this start doing it!

& Don’t straight up call up a client and say hey you got any friends that want to sell? When is the last time you got a call and the person calling only wanted it something… It probably didn’t make you feel that good!

Plan out the call and figure out how to ask for a referral appropriately.

real estate leads

Always engage potential leads lightly

Less of an idea, more of a tip. Focus on building rapport! I see so many agents treating their leads like a hunk of meat.

Build a real friendship with your leads and you’ll have a client forever.

realtor email signature

E-mail Signature

Easy one, more of a reminder.

volunteer as a realtor


One of your goals as a real estate agent is to always be around people. The more people you expose yourself to, the higher your chances are of getting a new seller / buyer. Why not volunteer and help out your community while accomplishing this at the same time?

It’s a win-win.

lead nurture system

Create a lead nurture system

This is huge, and I’m going to write a very long post about this soon.

Giving your leads real attention is how they are going to become clients. No automatic system will substitute real human interaction, ever.

door hangers advertising


Door Flyers

Another proven one to work. The return of investment is always good on this.

networking real estate agent

Local Networking Events

Chamber of commerce, Referral programs, ETC. Don’t know where to find them? Check out

You will be able to find specific events made for networking. The whole purpose of these are to give each other business. If you’re not already doing this, go check it out right now! You can increase your real estate business easily with this method.

mortgage connections

Make Connections With Mortgage People

These type of partnerships are always valuable. Not just with Mortgage officers but, with anyone that has access to potential leads. Turn them into brand ambassadors.


social proof

Social Proof On Your Website

Many real estate agents don’t do this one your website and it’s been prove in the online marketing world to improve conversions, which are leads to you.

Somewhere on your front page you’re going to want to put testimonials that are very easily seen. Or some type of ‘social proof’ which gives the prospect confidence in you without reading a word.

e.g. “Helped over 500 people sell their homes in the past 5 years”

e.g. “Voted #1 Buyer Agent In Orange County”

testimonials real estate marketing idea

Testimonial Videos

This is the ultimate social proof. One good way to get this is to get leads to create a video for you on instagram. Then all of their followers get to see it and you can share that on your website/ social networks.

twitter real estate leads


You can literally see conversations and check if they’re talking about real estate. Use this to your advantage and save custom searches so you can simple check Twitter and see if there are any potential real estate leads you should be moving in on.

Social media gives us direct access into clients lives as well as potential leads lives. Use it to your advantage.

Wrote a guide on this here:

school board

Join The School Board

Generally on the school board you will be surrounded by some very influential people in your community. Get in with these people and they will open up their networks to you.


Contact The Local Press

First you’re going to want to find a journalist you want to actually be friends with.

Then establish a real relationship with him/her. Chances are they can do an article about you / something you did every couple of months. If you become friends with them, you can ask them personally what type of stories they would like to write about and figure out how you can put yourself in them.

church group marketing

Join A Church Group

Praise the lord hallelujah. Churches are tight nit communities. Don’t do this if you’re a faker, that would be taking advantage of people and a horrible way to get business BUT, if you are already religious and not going to your local church, it’s a sure-fire way to get new leads. People will naturally ask what you do and you can build the relationship from there.

real estate agent forum

Join A Local  Web Forum

Find community forums online with a google search and start getting active.

real estate agent party

Throw a party – E-mail entry to get in

Have fun! Throw a party and invite all your clients and leads. Make it worth while to go, free event with free booze.

realtor podcast


Ok, this is a seriously great way to get business and here is an idea on how you can do it.

Start a podcast that features local businesses and local people. Make it fun and not so serious. The goal would be to make it a community podcast about the community. Every community leader that you get on there will share the podcast with their friends and next thing you know, you got an audience of over 1000 listening to every word you say.

local real estate blog marketing idea

Local Blog Idea

Feature local community members and what they’re doing for the community. Make it less about you and more about them. No one wants real estate updates 24/7 but, we all love to hear what the world directly around us is up to.


Looking for more? Here’s another great post on real estate marketing ideas


Real estate marketing ideas presented by FlyerCo:

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real estate marketing ideas

(ps here is a list of real estate flyer templates )



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