The Best Real Estate Post Cards

Welcome to the greatest list of real estate post cards known to man!

Prospect Plus

What we think: Awesome company, been in business since 1994 and has some great prices!

Vista Print

What we think: Great prices (as always!)… Not so great designs but, still decent enough to use.

Express Copy

What we think: Better designs then Vista print. Higher prices though. Designs might be worth it!

Postal Realtor

What we think: Decent designs. Cool that you can edit them online as well. Prices are OK but, not the cheapest.

Sparrow and Jacobs

What we like about them: The actual designs themselves are not ‘jaw dropping’ but, the uniqueness makes up for it. As well as really great prices!

Biz Print Solutions

What we like about them: Decent prices, not the cheapest. Lot’s of designs to choose from and they all look pretty good!


What we like about them: A lot of cheap designs to choose from and a lot of them are pretty high quality! You will need to take these to a printer on your own though. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, if you build a relationship with a printer on your own you can generally get a better price.

Breakthrough Broker

What we like about them: It looks like they really understand the needs of a Realtor and their designs are really well thought through from an advertising perspective.


What we like about them: Not a lot! They have some good designs but, you really have to dig through a lot of bad ones for any good ones.

Realty Post Card

What we like about them: Pretty good designs overall! Definitely worth checking out.

Post Card Mania

What we like about them: Nothing really. They have a nice website with compelling writing that makes me want to buy their post cards but, the designs are pretty bad.


What we like about them: Great designs! Prices aren’t bad if you order a lot at print only. Check them out!


What we like about them: Not much. With such a great domain name, you would expect higher quality designs. Don’t use this company.

Lentz Design

What we like about them: Pretty nice designs! Very simple and elegant. Prices are not the cheapest out of the list but, they are definitely competing with everyone else and definitely worth taking a quick look at. With all the choices around for real estate post cards, I might choose a different company then them though.

Merrill Shop

What we like about them: Actually, i’m not sure what I like. I don’t want to call the designs bad because they’re not and they have a big selection. What’s wrong is that I think the designs are just decent enough to be ok. They do the job and look nice. They don’t have a lot of thought from an advertising perspective though.

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