Get More Real Estate Leads From Your Facebook Page

Facebook is one of the best source of leads for any type of advertiser. For real estate agents it should be even better.

Here is how to get real estate Facebook leads:

  • 1. Engage with every fan

Unlike a lot of businesses who advertise on Facebook, every single lead is potentially worth a good commission for you. For this reason alone, you have to invest time and energy into every lead you have.

It’s not a numbers game.

If someone likes you enough to be involved with your Facebook. The next step is to engage with them and let them know you’re here for them, not just to post your content to them and hope something sticks.

How to engage your fans:

Add them as friends if they are not already.

Start a real conversation with them, not based off real estate. Say Hi and thank you for the page like. Move on with the conversation naturally, do not try and sell them. Focus on building rapport.

  • 2. Collect their e-mail

Their e-mail should be on their Facebook under the about me section. Collect this, it’s important to stay in touch.

  • 3. Stay in contact

Put them on an e-mail newsletter that you crafted yourself.

You can use a service like

They have e-mail templates that you can setup and put each new client on a campaign – You setup the first 6 months of e-mails yourself and it sends them to anyone you put on the list automatically.

I’ll make a more in-depth post on this later.

  • 4. Ask for their business

At some point after you have built sufficient rapport, ask them for business! Start another Facebook conversation with them and ask if they have thought about selling. No? Ask if they know anyone that is thinking about and you offer a great referral!

Rinse and repeat with every Facebook fan you have.

Treat them like gold. is a easy to use real estate flyers maker. Try it for free!

2 thoughts on “Get More Real Estate Leads From Your Facebook Page”

  1. This is very useful, most especially to real estate agent. I agree that in this generation social media and networking has a big role in marketing industry.

    • I think if someone took the time to master it, you could create a big business from social media alone. It used to be a client would have to refer you to get to anyone in their network but, now you can see who their friends with and take advantage of it. Look for possible clients by their job title e.g. real estate investor and then ask for a intro, among other ways. It’s definitely worth the investment as long as you keep your focus on growing relationships with people and not just the # of followers.

      Thanks for your reply 🙂


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