Creative Marketing Strategy Ideas For Real Estate Agents

Five Creative Marketing Strategies

A successful marketing strategy takes more than getting fresh business or cultivating the best business profile. A successful agent is actively seeking out new leads and referrals.   Below are some ideas on how to get more business from your client base and generate new business.

1.  Capture Leads On Your Website

Generating leads is an essential element to achieving both growth and success in the world of real estate. Step one is making sure you are getting the most out of every visitor to your website.  If you are not already, you should be capturing the names, phone numbers and email addresses of those coming onto your site.  This information is gold for your business.  You can engage with these visitors and get insight as to what lead them to you. Since these consumers are on your site, it’s pretty much a given that they have interest in what you have to offer that will benefit them.

2. Grow Your Email List

Email is an integral part of growing your business.  There are 2 factors that make it desirable.  One is that it is not owned by anyone (unlike a platform like Facebook, for example).  You have a direct line of communication to the people in your circle.  No one can come in and interfere with your reach. Secondly, with a robust contact list, you have the ability to plug that info anywhere (i.e. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) and reach out to your circle.  Email has consistently been an effective tactic for awareness, acquisition and retention.  If you haven’t already, take the time now to gather all your contacts together in one location. Keeping your contacts and prospects organized is an important key to having a long term, successful marketing strategy.

3. Create A Referral Program

Referrals from past clients can be a top producing strategy for acquiring new business.  They make up a large percentage of business yet a small amount of agents are asking for them.  Simplify the process by making sure you have business cards on hand at all times. If you’re asking for an online review, provide them with links to sites like Google+, Yelp, LinkedIn and Facebook.   Always try and make the process simple and convenient.  It will increase your chances of them actually following through.  At the end of the day, your clients are getting value from you, so most are happy to reciprocate.

4. Kick Those Reviews Into High Gear

Online reviews are just as essential as referrals.  One of your first steps should be ensuring that your review pages have all the pertinent info like contact details and a menu of services you offer.  The next time a client gives you positive feedback, mention that you’d appreciate it if they would share their satisfaction in an online review.  Most clients understand how important your online reputation is to your business, and will most certainly be happy to help you out in any way they can.  The big review sites like Google+, Zillow and  Yelp are where your clients should be leaving feedback for you.

5. Instagram

Instagram is an awesome marketing opportunity for real estate professionals. Their Geo-tagging feature is great to take advantage of for location-based businesses like real estate.  If you have a bunch of listings in a particular area of town, you can easily share that area by geo-tagging where you are.  Another great aspect of using Instagram, is that it allows you to see how other real estate companies are utilizing Instagram as a marketing strategy to engage with their current and prospective clients.

In conclusion, the ideas in this post are meant to give you a nice starting point to creating your marketing strategy. As with implementing any new idea, monitor your results and reassess if necessary.





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  1. Thanks for the quality marketing tips. The part about geotagging on Instagram is smart. It’s amazing how in IG has gained so much popularity….rivaling FB, so we might as well leverage it for your business. We have been working on everything in the article in one way or another. Always looking to create better flyers and brochures for our properties and projects as well. Keep on writing the helpful articles.


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