5 Tactics that get prospects to trust your real estate website

real estate website tactics

One of the best ways to increase lead generation on your real estate website is building trust in your prospects mind the first time they visit your website.  You don’t have to implement all of these tactics but, you should have at least two and be sure that they are built out with quality. There has been evidence of having bad social proof on your website such as unconvincing or poorly designed testimonials.  These can actually hurt your conversion rate resulting in dropped lead generation.

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Prove you’re an expert

Show off whatever your specialty is in real estate. For some agents it might be that they’ve worked in a certain area for 10 years and know the market like the back of their hand. Other real estate agents might have many awards that they can be showing off on their website. Use whatever makes you an expert on your website to help convey that you’re the Realtor these people should be working with.

real estate testimonialsTestimonials

Great testimonials can convince prospects that you’re the right person to work with. Make sure your testimonials include a picture and if possible, a link to the clients website. The ultimate type of testimonial is having actual video. When your audience can actually see people talking positively about you, it’s a game changer. It will help build trust inside your prospects mind immediately.

Embedded Tweets

If you’re using Twitter, chances are someone has said something good about you. Embedding them on your website is as simple as copying and pasting a link. This conveys that you’re tech savvy and your clients are praising you everywhere. It’s also a unique way to differentiate yourself from your competitors’ real estate websites.

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Facebook Likes

Many of you have built strong Facebook communities.  If your community has over 200 people, you can show this off as ‘wisdom of the crowds’ social proof. It displays that not only are you a great agent but, you have people who stand behind you and support you. That helps convey that you’re actually someone worth working with, not everyone has a community behind them.

influencer testimonial

Get a community leader / influencer testimonial

Community leader/influencer testimonials are like the few testimonials you see on the back of a book from strong people, it’s saying something. If you don’t have these types of connections, you can use people from your office (President of X real estate company), or you can join your local chamber of commerce to make these connections.

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Past Client Statistics

Displaying your past client statistics is a great way to showcase your real estate success in numbers and differentiate yourself from your competitors.  A great example of this would be total volume sold in real estate or sales volume per year. This helps convey that you are current and have the ability to pull in big numbers year after year. How many agents can say they sell 50 million+ in real estate every year?  My guess is not a lot. How many agents actually have that statement on their website? Even less.  If you’ve been in the business for a while, give a ballpark figure of how many previous clients you’ve worked with. “Over 1000 happy clients can’t be wrong”.  Use any types of data points you can that will help convince real estate prospects to become real estate clients.

Here’s a great video on more social proof and how people actually think about it when they’re interacting with these type of data points on your real estate website:


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