Real Estate Postcards Added to Gallery

We have received many requests from customers to expand on our gallery of Real Estate Postcards.

We are very excited to announce that our flyer design team has been working diligently to meet the demand, and have recently launched two new templates for real estate postcards in the oversized 5×8 postcard format.

Real Estate Postcards 2

Real Estate Postcards 1

These new real estate postcards work great for handing out at an open house or another event, or as a stand alone mailer.

5 Pro Tips for Marketing with Real Estate Postcards

  1. Make it Personal – Although it’s a form of advertising, try to not make it look like an ad. A great rule of thumb is to try to make your postcard look like a letter from a friend. Any time you can incorporate handwriting, that is a definite plus!
  2. Tempt, but do not Close – The purpose of your postcard is to generate an interest in your services. You goal is to motivate them to reach out and learn more about you. Once you get them on the phone, they should be yours!
  3. Lead them on an easy road – using a simple, direct website link is the best way to get the recipient of the postcard to act on it. If you incorporate a long url with tons of slashes, dashes and text, the more likely they are to think it’s going to be too much of a pain to pursue.
  4. Let Your Past Customers Speak for you – It’s always best to include a testimonial from an actual customer. Sometimes nothing works better than words from a real-life person.
  5. Use the Backside of your Real Estate Postcards – In just about 99.9% of scenarios, the recipient address is on the back of the postcard. The postman is more likely than not to have this side facing UP when placed in the mailbox. Make your message immediately seen by placing it on the back!

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