Top 5 Creative Ways To Use Flyer Templates This Holiday Season

If you’re a real estate agent, you definitely have “holiday marketing” on your upcoming to-do list.  The holidays are one of the best times to start building and nurturing relationships with real estate prospects and previous clients.  The season provides some great opportunities for you to add value to the lives of your real estate circle. One form of marketing that I love to use are real estate flyers.  Below I am going to outline some out-of-the box ideas on how to utilize real estate flyers this holiday season.

5 Ideas that will lead to more business and build goodwill.

This holiday season stay at the forefront of your clients’ mind by sending them a flyer with useful tips and/or offerings that will grab their attention and peak their interest.  Flyerco is an excellent resource for beautiful flyer templates.

Send out helpful information.

You can create flyers with things like holiday preparation tips, yummy holiday recipes, special holiday events etc.  Just put your contact information, logo, and company information on the flyer.  These make terrific marketing pieces because people tend to keep them around.  The best part is each time they look at your flyer, they will see your smiling face.

Announce holiday discount packages with companies or vendors.

Join forces with local businesses or vendors to put together a special holiday discount package.   Showcase products and/or services that will accommodate your clients’ needs (i.e. decoration and light installation, cleaning services, personal shopper etc).  Create a flyer about these special discounts that are being offered exclusively to your clients. Be sure to include information about the companies and a description of the services they provide.

Create a flyer with your sold real estate properties for the year and be sure to include testimonials.

Potential real estate prospects will see that people have worked with you and had excellent results, it can increase your conversion rate immediately.

Send out a Thanksgiving letter

Thanksgiving is a great time to reach out to new and past clients. Sending out a  special Thanksgiving Letter on a flyer (or use it as an e-mail), really gives people the warm fuzzies.  You want it to look “personal” so it is a good idea to include things like your own handwritten signature, your name and address on the envelope and definitely include a first-class postage stamp.  You can also send this same message as an Email, and use “Thank you” as the subject line.  If you really want to make a lasting impression, follow this up with a personal phone call and you are sure to get some business or referrals. is a great service to use for email flyers.

Sponsor a cause

People love to donate to needy causes during the holidays.  Create a flyer on flyerco showcasing the cause you are sponsoring and how they can get involved. Your efforts are sure to win you some additional respect and future loyalty.

The key with your holiday marketing is to impart value to your clients while also focusing on this special time of year. Using flyers are the perfect way to say thank you to your clients and to wish them the best this holiday season.

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