Beta Update

First, I want to apologize for the delay on all updates to FlyerCo in the past 2 months.

Here is a update on FlyerCo and it’s current status.

The past two months the developer working on it has been very sick and has had to leave the company. That put FlyerCo on a halt and we were unable to make fixes and improvements to the beta.

We now have a new developer!

And he’s awesome. Not only is he more experienced then the last one but, he shares the vision in making FlyerCo something special which means we can ultimately build a even better product.

What does this mean?

Updates to the web app coming soon!

We are mainly focused on creating a new way to create flyers which isn’t as ‘manual’ as it is right now. We will be using a type of grid system to where you can place photos and text on the flyer and it will align everything for you, making the service really intuitive and easy to use. More on that later.

Also lot’s of little bugs will be updated and fixed.

We are also talking about making a potential tablet app to where you can make the flyers with your tablet and not even need to be on the computer!

The future is looking bright!

Lastly, we are just happy to get the ball rolling again.

Thank you to everyone that has used FlyerCo and we will be continually improving it.

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