The Facebook Guide To Advertising For Realtors

Facebook Guide To Advertising For Realtors

Facebook is easily one of the most valuable resource for advertising in any type of business. They have created one the best platforms to reach your target market from interests to demographics. Allowing you the advertiser to pin point exactly the type of people you want seeing your advertisement.

Define Your Strategy

You are first going to need to define a strategy for your ads.

Your main options are either:

1.Grow a Facebook fan page and connect with your potential clients there. 

This strategy is a good one but, marketers are starting to like this less and less. The reason people are starting to fade away from this is because 100% of your Facebook fans do not see every post. Facebook is constantly updating and messing around with their algorithm which means even though they are your fans, Facebook is in control of them.

2.Send traffic to your website and capture their contact information.

This is definitely the most efficient way to get leads. There is also a infinite amount of potential ways to advertise and capture leads this way. The key to this is being able to design a landing page that will convert your new traffic into actual clients.


Concept Target: Looking for buyers to work with

Facebook Ad: We have the biggest short sale inventory in California!

-> Links to your website/landing page

Landing Page: E-mail capture with a heading “Get instant access to the largest short sale inventory in California and find the cheapest homes for sale guaranteed!”

You can do this with just about any idea you have. Take a concept, and build your advertising theme around it. You’re going to want to keep doing this until you find a concept that really resonates with customers and converts.

The Options:

 Quick Overview

CPM – Cost Per Mile. Which means cost per thousand. Here you are paying for every thousand views of your advertisement, even if they don’t click your website. This is generally good for when you have a advertising campaign you already know is successful and know your conversion rate is high. When you have really high conversion rates, it’s actually cheaper to pay per thousand. Until then, you want to go with a different option.

Clicks To Website – Only charged when they click and visit your website.

Likes – Charged when they like your Facebook page. Increasing your fans.

Facebook Offers – New, you can offer a deal to potential clients.

(General rule of thumb, let Facebook auto set the price for you… It’s much more efficient.)

Which is the best?

CPM VS Clicks To Website VS Likes VS Facebook Offers

Getting clicks to your actual website is most likely your best option. Facebook Offers is basically the same thing in a different format which we will get into later

As discussed earlier in this post, Facebook fans are valuable for many reasons BUT due to Facebook limiting the amount of fans that actually see posts from your Facebook page, it is becoming less and less effective.

Winner: Clicks To Website AND Facebook Offers.

You should have one goal, getting users to your website and figuring out how to get their contact information.

Now what does a great website / landing page look like?


  How To Make A Great Landing Page

Luckily, you don’t need to know how to code or have a background in design. It would help if you could do it by yourself but, as we are in the age of technology, there are some great tools out there you can use. You can basically use these services to find a template you like, plug in your information and start collecting potential clients information right away.

Side note: I don’t believe in websites that allow your potential clients to search for homes on your website. As people get more and more tech savvy, they start to become attached to brands like Zillow and Trulia. Your site to them just looks likes what it is, a scheme to get their e-mail. If you create a website with great content and some attractive offers that will get them interested, it will convert higher.

I’m going to highly suggest using for creating landing pages. For people who have no design/code skill.

If you already know code, I would suggest buying a template off

  Creating a Great Facebook Ad

I’m going to assume you already know how to get a basic advertisement up on Facebook. If not I would suggest using this guide to setting up a Facebook ad:

News Feed Only – Desktop Only: For Higher Conversions

Deciding your budget

Track results



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