10 Key indicators of motivated seller leads

.motivated seller leads

Nothing better then some motivated seller leads.

The problem is, how do you figure out which ones are motivated and which ones are just wasting your time?

Try using some of these indicators to figure that out.

question everything

1. They inquire information about selling their home online

When someone fills out a form on your website, it’s not for fun. In person a neighbor might stop by an open house and ask you what their house might be worth just because they’re curious.

If someone actually takes the time to do some type of search, end up on your website, browse your website and then fill out the some information. They are serious.

Remember these people don’t want to be harassed so they might play it off like maybe they do just want information but, you know all the activities they had to do before hand to get that information off you. It wasn’t easy and you should stay on top of these motivated seller leads.

Make sure your forms are easy to fill out on your website so you don’t lose any potential leads and have high conversion rates.

motivated seller leads

2. Has specific questions

Everyone has questions for Realtors.

One tip to decipher whether or not they are serious is how specific the questions are.

Generally speaking, most people only have a few question mainly about how much their house is currently worth and what’s going on in their neighborhood.

When people start asking really specific questions about selling there home, that’s when your spidey senses should start going off.

Motivated sellers have lot’s of questions on their mind because it’s one of the main things on their mind.


3. Their friend mentioned them

One of the best types of leads in real estate is referrals. You probably already knew that.

When you hear someone say John from down the street was talking about selling. You know it’s most likely serious.

People are open with their friends and when they give out information, most of the time it’s serious.

Follow up on these type of leads quickly and stay in contact as much as possible.

Chances are they will be putting their home on the market for sale soon.

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social media

4. They are talking about selling on social media

You being the web pro that you are, know that you can monitor seller and buy leads online using twitter.

If you have a list of leads, start following them all on social media.

What are they saying?

Are they talking about moving or buying? Maybe not directly but, are they giving any hints that they are thinking about it?

Is their friends giving any hints that they might be moving?

Take the time to monitor their social media outlets so when they’re going to sell you can be the first one to ask for that real estate listing.

job offer

5. They received a job offer far from where they currently reside

Again, monitor social media for this. Have they mentioned anything about a new job offer?

What about when they come to your open house? This is a good chance to politely ask and try to figure out exactly what type of mindset this person is in. Maybe they aren’t looking to sell at all but, looking to buy an investment property.

Your job as a Realtor is to discover this information and then give the potential seller / buyer a plan of action that makes sense.

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for sale by owner

6. They are a for sale by owner

For sale by owners are one of the hardest listings to get but, you know they’re interested in selling because their home is on the market!

If you have a more passive style as an agent, it’s worth it at least to try some real estate post cards.

If not, go door knock the house! Don’t start off with telling them you want the listing. Start off by saying you might have a buyer that is interested and you want to see the home.

As they show you the house try and figure out why they are moving. What’s their motivation?

Use that motivation to your advantage. These are arguably the most motivated seller leads you can get.


7. Their listing just expired

Every good expired listing agent knows one thing. These sellers will try and sell their home again. It’s your job to give them a compelling reason to. These people are generally in an angry mindset, most likely directed right at you. Even if you weren’t the listing agent. They gave an agent a chance and it didn’t sell. One thing is for sure and i’ts never their fault.

Go after these listings. 75% of all expired re-list and sell with a different agent.

You can also try some expired listing letters.

It’s always best to go to the actual house and talk to them face to face.

Be sincere and figure out what went wrong, then give them a solution and hope.

retire lead

8. They are getting ready to retire

They literally might say “I’m getting ready to retire.” To most people the next thought should be awesome! But you’re a hustler, you know that means they will probably want to move somewhere new.

Of course keep track of social media and look for some type of indication this might be happening.

Engaging with a simple tweet of a vacation spot could end up with an awesome response.

MP900425487 10 Key indicators of motivated seller leads

9. Kids just moved out

What happens when the kids move out?

The house gets too big!

It could be way too much to maintain unnecessarily.

Look for things like “Our last kid is going off to college next month, time happens so fast!”

The funny thing about this seller lead indicator is that you might know they want to list their home on the market before they even do.


10. Just married!

You and real estate ,

sitting in a tree,


First comes love,

then comes marriage,

then comes baby

in a baby carriage~!

And after the baby what generally comes next? A brand new home 🙂

Keep track of all the baby showers, baby tweets, baby Facebook, baby everything! If they aren’t already living on their own, they are going to start looking for places to live on their own.

If they already have a house and it’s too small, then they HAVE to upgrade. That means you have a potential seller listing and buyer lead all in one!

If they’re just getting married they probably will want to get a place of their own as well so keep track of all of this stuff!

What’s your #1 indicator of a motivated seller lead?

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