How Real Estate Agents Can Get AMAZING Leads From Twitter

Twitter for real estate agents is a GREAT tool

What if I told you people are literally talking about moving on Twitter and you can find them. Not only that but, you can interact with them! Wouldn’t this be a great easy way to find potential leads

Well you can.

1.Search for key phrases

Search These Phrases

“Moving Soon”

“Selling My House”

“Buy new house”

“Buy new home”

Search These #Hashtags




And come up with your own phrases! We only touched the tip of the Iceberg here.

Check out all these people talking about moving in the past HOUR:
movingsoon1 How Real Estate Agents Can Get AMAZING Leads From Twitter

2.Save The Search

This part is easy, after you search look to the top right and click save

To find this search, just click inside the search bar


Or use one of these awesome social media management tools to monitor the searches:

HootSuite is one of my personal favorites as far as Twitter management is concerned

TweetDeck is a desktop Twitter management tool

3. The Approach

Sir/Madam: Target acquired.

Now we can literally see who is interested in moving, what’s the best way to approach them?

(This next part is just IDEAS, they have not been tested)

Direct Reply

This is probably the most efficient because it’s just a fast reply. I don’t think it will be a good way to engage with someone new though because they will probably look at it as spam.

Follow and Favorite 

Follow them and favorite a few of their tweets is a great way to get someones attention without saying a word. They will notice you, most likely check out your profile. I would do this the first day and see if they reply to me… Who knows maybe they will have a question that they want answers to and you got to them at the perfect time!

If they don’t message you, I would follow up on the second day most likely with just a nice compliment.

Follow and compliment

Pretend for a second you didn’t even see the tweet that they are planning to move soon. Go through their tweets and try to find something you can relate to, then reply with something nice about it. Nothing wrong with random compliments on Twitter, after you establish some rapport you can ask them about their ‘moving’ tweet with little resistance.

Research and come up with a plan!

This is probably the best way but, it is the LEAST efficient.

It’s not efficient because even though they might be talking about moving, they might have a Realtor already. So anytime you invest in them, might be for nothing.

Regardless, most people have a  link to their Facebook/Blog/Something on their twitter. Go to it and get a ‘jist’ of who they are at the very least.

4. Create A Custom List

List, not search. List.

Think of a list as a newsfeed only filled with content by people you select

This is for the people you find as potential leads. Keep track of them with lists.

*Note – Don’t label the list “Leads” because the user can see the title. Use something friendly like “Cool People”

You can find them at your profile under “More”

When you access the list it will give you a private news feed stream from your leads.

Now use all this stuff to your advantage!

Thanks for reading!


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(ps here is a list of real estate flyer templates )

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