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The Best Backlinks For Realtors

backlinks for realtors

Sadly, backlinks are still the #1 ranking factor from Google when trying to rank higher in organic searches. Google likes to tell us that ‘content is king’ and it’s true to an extent — SEO and content marketing have never been more important. Great content also naturally gets backlinks and also has various other ranking signals that helps you rank well. Still backlinks are the most powerful metric for realtors to rank higher for (SEO) searches.

We analyzed over 100 real estate websites who were ranking on the front page of Google search and identified the top sources of their backlinks.

Keywords were for “City Real Estate Agent” or “City Realtor.”

One side note – most of them are ranking highly because they’re also a business listing. If you don’t have your real estate listed as a business listing you should look into that right away.

Great Backlinks For Realtors:

(Potentially high value ones in bold)

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real estate digital marketing

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How to Master Real Estate Branding: 3 Ways to Stand Out

real estate branding

Real estate branding is the best way to stand out. In a competitive market, flashy ads, dazzling flyers, or snazzy websites aren’t enough alone. If you don’t have a brand that unites each component, you’ll be left with a scattershot smattering of ideas. Without unity, even your best ideas will become forgettable.

Branding can often feel abstract and amorphous. Depending on who you ask, branding can be everything (your website! your voice! your smile!) or nothing.

In this article, we’ll break down real estate branding in a way that makes it tangible and actionable. Consider this your starting point. We’ll explain a framework for approaching your real estate branding strategy via three methods that make it all work. Once you have this foundation, your real estate branding can evolve with your business and your creativity.

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