Five Realtor Slogans That Make Customers 

The right realtor slogan can really help you stand out in this extremely competitive industry.   An effective realtor slogan showcases what value you bring to the table.  It also paints you as a market expert that can help people with one of their largest lifetime transactions.

Here are five types of realtor slogans to try out in 2020

A great realtor slogan will make you stand out in a crowded field.  We’ve gathered five of our favorites to spark your own head-turning idea.

Talk about your service

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Want to stand apart from the competition?  Try out a slogan that clearly  defines the unique value of your service.  Better Homes and Garden does an effective job of letting buyers and sellers know that going with one of their agents means the experience will be exciting, smooth, and easy.

“Expect a better real estate experience”

Provide a solution

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Buying and selling real estate can be a tricky and overwhelming process.  For this reason, realtor slogans that provide a solution to an already stressful situation are a great idea. This slogan by Search Salt Lake says that by choosing them, you are going with a hassle-free alternative that will  get you the best deal.

“Enjoy a clear and simple home buying experience”

Target geographically

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Everyone is doing local searches on Google. For this reason, it makes sense to use realtor slogans that focus on geography.  The above slogan from William Raveis not only does a good job of emphasizing the company’s family values but also letting people know that they specialize in the Northeast.

Depending on what your territory is,  something simple like “Your Miami Beach Specialist”, defines you as the local expert and will also give you a boost when it comes to SEO.

“The Largest Family-Owned Real Estate Company in the Northeast”

Try a rhyme

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A rhyming realtor slogan can be very memorable since they are catchy.  This slogan from Wendy Cornell Realty  does the job by no only incorporating her name but also including a call to action.

“Ready To Sell? Call Team Cornell!”

Use words that spark emotion

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Using inspirational words that spark emotion is a great way to create impact with your slogan.  ERA does a great job of this with their “Always There For You” slogan.  The customer knows that they can trust that this realtor will be there to help them every step of the way.

“Always There For You”

The right realtor slogan makes a difference

When thinking of constructing your own realtor slogan, consider how your messaging will make your clients feel and the assurance it will bring them.  Done right, a realtor slogan can help create a profound connection with prospects and move them towards conversion.

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