The Sophisticated Real Estate Social Media Guide

By now everyone ‘gets’ how to merge real estate social media together. Still there is a lot of tactics, statistics and new strategy’s you can be taking advantage of. Each social network has its pros and cons, after reading some of the data you can make an informed choice on which may be right for you.

Instagram For Real Estate


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Key Stats:

40% of people respond better to visual information than plain text [source]

200 Million Monthly active users

75 million daily active users [source]

Key Takeaways & Tips:

  • Don’t be greedy, take time to comment and like other peoples photos too.
  • Engage positively with every comment you get.
  • Make sure to link to your real estate website from your profile page.
  • Instagram is a powerhouse, but you already know that.
  • Use targeted hashtags aimed at your city and locations popular locations. To find the size and popularity of a hashtag you can use a tool like IconSquare.
  • Embed instagram videos on your real estate website and blog to increase your following from places other than instagram.
  • Follow trends such as #ThrowBackThursday which you can find through instagrams search feature. Find a unique way to engage your brand with the trends.
  • Join active communities, they’ll give you fun stuff to join in on.


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Facebook For Real Estate

* Note to anyone that may have been influenced by a recent YouTube video claiming that Facebook advertising delivers fake likes/click. We personally use Facebook advertising for FlyerCo and I use it for other personal projects as well. Facebook advertising is amazing.

 Key Stats:

Over 1.32 Billion monthly active users [source]

829 million people log onto Facebook daily [source]

The most common reason for a Facebook user uniking a brand is having uninterested posts [source] – Second most reason is too many posts.

The average time spent on Facebook is 21 minutes [source]

An average active Facebook user has 130 friends [source]

 Key Take Aways & Tips:

  • Facebook has the most innovative advertising platform in the world and they’re always trying to improve it. This in my opinion, makes it the best place to send advertising money. Although Google has ‘intent’, the possibilities with Facebook are a lot higher especially when comparing the ad costs to Google
  • Although there is a heated debate about Facebook pages not valuable due to their reach being limited, at the end of the day there are many businesses using their Facebook fan page as a main source of business. If it’s working for them, it can work for you.
  • Post content other than listings. People love to know what’s going on in their community, become a community guide.
  • Focus on growing your local community and don’t buy fake likes. Fan counts are worthless if they’re not engaged.
  • The most effective way to grow your Facebook page is through ads


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Twitter For Real Estate

Key Stats:

Currently has 271 million monthly active users

100 million active daily users

Average user spends 170 minutes per month on Twitter [source]

47% of people who follow a brand on Twitter are likely to view the company’s website [source]

74% of people who follow businesses do it to get updates on future products [source]

85% of Twitter users feel more connected to a business after following them. ^

Key Take Aways & Tips:

  • Follow local community leaders and also go through their followers to find interesting people you can connect with.
  • Embed tweets on your real estate website to show that you’re active and also to gain followers.
  • Your sphere of influence / prospects who are following you on twitter are doing it most likely to get real estate information relevant to their local community. Keep them updated
  • Your followers are likely to visit your website. Make sure you have lead capture installed.
  • Followers feel connections with brands and businesses. Make sure you’re tweeting and building those relationships.
  • Learn all the hashtags used by your local community with a tool like – Use this to also identify new hashtags.
  • Twitter Ads are not very effective for the real estate industry. (If you’ve experienced good results please leave a comment or email me)
  • Include your awesome real estate slogan in your profile or cover photo to help brand yourself.


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Google+ for real estate

Key Stats:

300 million monthly active users [source]

Average time spent on Google+ is 7 minutes [source]

+1 is clicked more than 5 billion times a day [source]

Google plus has nearly double the interactions with brands post than Twitter.

Key Take Aways & Tips:

  • Google+ users interact with brands less than Facebook but, more than any other social network. This is a huge statistics for any type of business. If you’re already getting results with something like Twitter, imagine what Google plus can do for your real estate business.
  • Real estate agents should be looking for local community groups to join and become engaged with. Almost every city has some type of group you can join and contribute to.
  • Your profile page will get views and drive traffic to your website so make sure to brand it properly and have only your most important links shown. Filling your info page with links will confuse users and turn them away.


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LinkedIn for real estate

Key Stats:

300 million users on LinkedIn, first quarter revenue of 2014 was $473.2million [source]

101.8 million spent on marketing in the first quarter [source]

187 monthly unique visitors on LinkedIn [source]

35% of users check LinkedIn daily [source]

10 million endorsements given daily [source]

LinkedIn lead generation is 227% more effective [source]

LinkedIn sends nearly four times more people to your homepage than Twitter and Facebook. [source]  

Key Take Aways & Tips:

  • 101.8 million spent on advertising in LinkedIn may present a huge opportunity for real estate agents considering Google Adwords makes $100million per day. This implies that advertisers aren’t spending and could result in lower ad spends to reach the same audience on a different medium.
  • 10 million endorsements given daily – This might be an easy way to get testimonials / social proof to display on your website or during a listing presentation.
  • LinkedIn can be a huge driver of traffic to your real estate website.
  • Embed your LinkedIn on your real estate website for higher engagement


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  1. My social media skills aren’t the best. Looking at the stats you have displayed makes me realize that I really need to step up my game. One thing that I can take away is to not be greedy, as you say, but go ahead and “take time to comment and like other peoples photos too.”


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