Actionable Pinterest insights for real estate lead generation

Believe it or not, Pinterest can be a huge driver of traffic to your real estate website and help you generate real estate leads online.  Realtor Bill Gassett from  Massachusetts Real Estate Exposure gets anywhere between 150 to 200 hits per day directly from Pinterest alone.  With over 70 million users Pinterest offers a highly engaged user base that shouldn’t be ignored. The goal with all of these insights is to use them to build relationships through the social network and turn them into a fan before a listing.

Some Pinterest statistics to think about:

  • 80% of Pinterest users are women. Women also dominate the actual people ‘pinning’ as well and that number jumps to 92% of all pins on the site are by women. source
  • The average time spent on Pinterest is 14.2 minutes
  • Home Decor is in the top 3 categories of most pinned source
  • Food and Drink is the #1 category on Pinterest . source
  • Pinterest activity peaks in the evening source source
  • Pinterest is the channel of choice for moms. They share on average 3x more than the average user.  source
  • Call to action pin descriptions have 80% increased engagement
  • Pins with prices get 36% more likes than those without. source

Target your Pinterest real estate marketing messages and images to women.

Take a look at what’s currently popular and trending to get some ideas for what type of messages you may want to display. A great way to learn how to build effective real estate marketing messages targeted to women is to go through the quotes section and figure out how you can incorporate them into your own images. This technique can even be used to create your real estate slogans and when creating your real estate flyer templates.

This pin has over 3000 repins and 570 likes:

pinterest real estate marketing

It’s a good base quote that you can take and turn into your own idea:

“The inside of our home is what makes us different.”

Use already popular ideas as a place to start when making your own.

Create a home decor board

Home decor is the third most ranked category. This is a huge opportunity for Realtors. You can use this in a couple ways:

  1. Search for people who are making boards for their next home and comment on them. Keep your messages non-spammy and relevant to the image. Your core goal should be to build a relationship first. When this is done they’re more likely to visit your profile and follow it to your real estate website.
  2. Create a home decor board that would only appeal to people moving. After you start to get likes and comments they might be a good indicator that this person is looking for some changes in their life.
  3. Find and connect with interior designers who have boards and can give you referrals.

Build boards that you know people are already looking at.

Create a local food and drink board

Food and drink is the most popular category on Pinterest. Building this type of board specialized to the community around you can turn into a go-to for people who are looking for local plates / date nights / where to go on Pinterest.

The mind set is not that people are going to use this board to find what to eat / where to go tonight but, as where to go next week or this Friday. When you start getting people who follow the board and they want to pick somewhere out and mention to their friends “Oh I saw this amazing place on X Realtors board, she/he posts local stuff and it looks really good, we should try it!” Now you have natural word of mouth and a destination.

Create a destination for real estate prospects to go to.

Find your best time to post

This is a great insight for everything you do marketing, not just Pinterest. You learn when your audience is most active by trial and error. The stat we posted shows on average Pinterest users are most active in the evening but, that may not be true for your audience.  You have to test this yourself to find the best times.

Experiement posting at different hours and to get even better results do the tests on the exact days at different hours.

Post at the best times to get higher engagement and results.

Consider marketing even more specifically to moms

Pinterest is dominated by women and when you dig into the data you learn that it’s even more so dominated by women who are mothers. If you can build your real estate marketing messages and images around something that appeals to their values then you have a higher chance of building a real connection with this type of demographic.

What do moms post a lot? Judging by 20 must follow moms board their Pinterest world revolves around a lot of their kids.

realtor pinterest marketing

Give them some interesting images / data about the concerns they might have when parents are thinking about moving and how their children might handle it.

More specific messages have a higher chance of making an impact. 

Use a call to action in your descriptions

The Pinterest image will automatically link to where you found it at but, you can always change the description to link to your real estate landing page or wherever you desire.

Including a different link in the description and a call to action with a reason why they should click it will also increase engagement. It’s not rocket science but, it’s also something that is easy to look past as Pinterest makes it so simple to post an image and forget everything else. If you can add the CTA to the image effectively that always helps too.

call to action real estate lead generation

Call to actions should be on every piece of marketing.

Try using listing prices on your real estate photos

This data point originally was based off of retail type merchandise that have the prices of the item on their images. It’s not exactly applicable to real estate but, it’s still worth experimenting and see if adding the listing price to the image your posting increases engagement in anyway. Maybe you get more comments or your comments change from the type of people commenting. You won’t know until you experiment with this yourself. Sometimes the smallest experiments have the biggest impact.

Experiment with new ideas to get unexpected results. 

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