Real Estate Slogans – The Best Ones, How To and Resources

Great real Estate Slogans

This post is in 3 sections

  • Freelancers you can use for real estate slogans.
  • Examples of great real estate slogans.
  • How to make your own real estate slogans.

Freelancers you can trust to make you a real estate slogans.

Creating a great slogan is a copy writing skill. Therefore you must find a great copywriter to get a great slogan. Using these people is valuable for all types of real estate marketing material from expired listing letters to real estate flyer templates.

Oh what’s this? A list of great copywriters? YUP! Enjoy.

(you should also consider hiring these guys for a marketing campaign)

David Airey

Beard Branding

The Creative Copywriter

Tuneman on Fiverr


Ok, now let’s see some examples 🙂

“Your Golf Real Estate Specialist”

What we like about this: It’s very specific. Often times we want something that will attract everyone but, it’s a very wide known rule that that’s the hardest thing to do. It’s a lot more effective to define your target audience and build something that speaks directly to them.

“Atomic Homes For Atomic People”

What we like about this: The branding is very strong. She was even featured in a local ‘atomic’ magazine. This is another case where the branding is so specific that it even got her into a magazine.

“Selling Jersey City”

What we like about it: If I’m looking to buy or sell in Jersey city, I know that it’s what this guys focus is on.  Because of that I’m going to give him a call.

#1 Real estate team in california

#5 team in the entire united states

What we like about it: It’s not a slogan. It’s a statement. And it’s a very strong one, anyone that sees that has to respect it right away.

“Your college park east specialist and sales leader.”

What we like and don’t like: First the image looks like the graphic designer wasn’t very good… But, the message again is specific and would you rather have a realtor who has the message “We sell dreams” or this one if you were thinking about moving to college park?

“Specializing in south OC retirement communities.”

What we like about it: Again, who are you gonna call if you’re looking for something in south OC retirement communities?  The person who specializes in it.

Are you starting to see a trend?

Now let’s get into how you can start making your real estate slogan.

Here are TWO steps to easily come up with a real estate slogan that works for you.

1. Define you who target market is!

Do you mainly work with buyers?

What about sellers?

Maybe even you’re main business comes from a local church you’re apart of.  Your branding should mention that you’re an Christian realtor in X market then. (Or whatever religion you are).

Same goes with hobbies! Do you have something you do in your pass time you get a lot of clients from? Build your real estate slogan to talk to them!

Are you mainly farming a certain community?

Who would you like to be working with the most?

Use these questions and come up with some of your own. When coming up with your own questions keep the goal in mind: “Who do I want my message to talk to?”

Wide mass appeal in branding is very hard to come by. That’s why company’s like Nike ( Just do it ) or Apple ( Think Different ) have always been praised over their branding/slogan.

The easiest way to build a good brand is to start with your specific niche or market you are trying to obtain.

2. Build the message around your target market.

This is a framework to come up with your own ideas for your target market.


What’s the main problems sellers have with Realtors? Price? How can you solve that in a branding message / slogan.

First Time Buyers:

Think about their concerns and how you can solve them.


Where do you normally get your buyers from? What’s their #1 concerns? Figure it out and build a message around it!

The goal is not to be rememberable with something catchy. The goal is to have your message speak to someone. If you can do that, they will naturally remember you.

Don’t forget to try to create your real estate flyers

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