The Best Expired Listing Letters And Postcards For 2021

An expired listing has been too long on the market without selling. Usually this is around 60 days with no bites – it also means the listing is coming off of real estate websites and the MLS.

Now is the time for you to make your move. To sell a client on why you know how to sell the house better, and what you’re going to do to make that happen.

This is the time to move. This is the time for the classic urgency close.

Having a great expired listing letter can do wonders.

That’s why we curated the best expired listing letter s from around the web. Enjoy.

What to Expect from Expired Listings

Here are two resources to look over really quickly to set your expectations of expired listings and how to handle your approach to get them.

A great presentation on what to expect from expired listings and the process this Realtor uses.

A great conversation about expired listing letters – Do they work? Short answer: Yes. Read it here.

The Expired Listing Letter List

Expired Listings System. What we like about it: it’s from a credible source and Realtor always has good, tested marketing material.

expired listing letter

Easy Agent Pro

Expired Listing Letters. What we like about it: they have tons of examples, plus resources and worksheets to help execute the lessons.

expired listing letter

My Real Estate Letters

Expired Listing Prospecting Letter. One of the best free expired listing letters. What we like about it: the letters might not be the best looking letters in the world but, the content in them is good.


Mercury Secret

Expired Listings Handouts. What we like about it: It’s a PDF and has a lot of information on expired listings. It’s not just a letter. Going through and taking a look at.

expired-listing-lettersReal Estate Daily

Expired Listing Examples. What we like about it: not only does it offer useful examples and templates, it’s all about teaching you how to write your own. Real Estate Daily The Best Expired Listing Letters And Postcards For 2021

Copy By Marte

Expired Listing Letters. This blog is all about professional real estate copy and the tools you’ll need. This blog features a huge amount of sample listing letters to use and learn from.

Agent Inner Circle

Farming Expired Listings. What we like about it: It’s in doc format so you can print and go.

best free expired listing letters

The Best Expired Listing Postcards

Looking to create your own expired listing postcards? These websites can help you with custom templates, easy ordering, and reasonable prices.

Prospect Plus

Marketing System Postcard. What we like about it: they have tons of designs, and they look pretty.

Captain Notepad

Custom Postcards for Real Estate. What we like about it: they are cheap.


Printer Bees

Print Marketing for Real Estate. What we like about it: They have a huge selection of expired listing postcards.


Rainmaker Postcards

What we like about it: has a post card plan for 8 weeks. Great way to consistently target a potential seller and stay in their mind.

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We hope you can find some great information on expired listings that might help you make up your mind if this is the right path for you.

Try methods your competitors aren’t doing. Marking listings that are about to expire so when they do expire, you can be the first one to talk to them.

That’s all folks!

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