Five Social Media Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

Social media trends change through out the year and 2020 really saw some swift transformations. In 2021, if you are looking to grow your following, boost engagement, and increase revenue, check out these popular trends to watch out for in 2021.

1.Stories Will Reign

At the close of 2020, Instagram had over 1 billion users worldwide.  Whether you are just starting out on this platform or you have been trying to build your presence, the Stories feature is where it is at.  You want better engagement?  This is where your business is going to get it.  LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have also jumped on the Stories bandwagon.

2. Give Your Audience A Stage

With Twitter Polls & Fleets, Instagram polls & quizzes, you can engage your audiences better in real-time. Conducting surveys through Twitter polls or quizzes through Instagram quizzes will help you gain leverage on your audience reactions better as user-generated content is predicted to do wonders for your brand visibility and recall. 93% of marketers report that consumers trust user-generated content more than content created by brands.

3.Social Listening Will Count

People like connecting with other people. Many frontline industries and businesses have strengthened their social media presence for social listening. For example, the healthcare industry would invest in social media for:

  • Real-time query gathering and resolutions
  • Raising awareness through knowledge articles
  • Fighting misinformation
  • Gathering insights

Knowing where your social media followers gravitate towards and who influences them is a great barometer for switching up your social listening strategy tailored to your business offerings.

  •  Live Streaming Rises

With the majority of live events taking the virtual route for hosting events in 2020, live streaming services have come out on top to provide a flawless experience. Social media itself functions as a live streaming platform for brands through formats such as LinkedIn Live, Instagram Live, and Facebook Live.

Even after social restrictions are lifted worldwide, the trend for live streaming video conferences, seminars, behind the scenes, and virtual events will stay relevant. Schedule a discussion with us to learn which platform would be the best suited for your brand or service.

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