10 Real Estate Agents Blogs You Need to Bookmark Right Now

Finding and reading the best real estate agents’ blogs is essential to staying plugged into the real estate culture. With that being said,  agents don’t have time to spend searching the internet for the top industry news.  Below is a curated list of the top real estate agents’ blogs you need to follow. These blogs will help you stay on top of the latest trends and offer more value to your clients.

CRE Online BlogCREONLINE 10 Real Estate Agents Blogs You Need to Bookmark Right Now

If you are a real estate investor, CRE real estate blog is a great resource. They started out in 1995 and have since become the definitive resource for for all investment related information. Readers love their blog because they offer great real estate industry tips.  You will find information on choosing the right investment strategies, avoiding common investment mistakes and how to master investment in rental properties.  Some of their helpful posts include ones like  Real Estate Investing in the Age of Bitcoin (and Other Cryptocurrencies)  and “Low Risk Real Estate Investing – CREOnline”.


McKissock logo 754x538 10 Real Estate Agents Blogs You Need to Bookmark Right Now

When it comes to real estate agents’ blogs, McKissock covers all the different areas of the real estate industry.   Expect information on real estate investing, real estate appraisal, real estate tax law and more.  Popular blog posts include “4 Ways to Turn Past Real Estate Clients Into Repeat Business” and “What Types of Appraisals Are in High Demand Due to COVID-19?“.

 Housing Wire

Housing Wire

This blog is a one-stop-shop when it comes to real estate agents’ blogs. It is targeted at both agents and real estate investors.  In this blog, you will find all the industry news you need to know to stay informed.  They cover all the latest trends in finance, regulation, interest rates and more. Some of their must-read posts include “Looser mortgage credit may give first-time buyers a chance” and “These are the most competitive housing markets in the US“.

The Close

The Close

This blog is key for real estate agents. It is filled with strategic and actionable insights to help readers grow their career to the next level. They cover things like lead generation, real estate marketing, team building strategies and more.   Popular blog posts include “14 Open House Flyer Templates Your Clients Will Love” and “107 Top Real Estate Hashtags: Instagram, Twitter & More!“.



The Inman blog is known as one of the best real estate agents’ blogs in the industry.  They cover a variety of topics including luxury real estate, real estate marketing, technology and so much more.  In addition, they offer various educational opportunities to help real estate professionals take their career forward.  Some of their popular posts include “5 features of a top-tier real estate web site” and “Marketing through video? Here’s how to 10X your reach“.



RISMedia has been around for 40+ years as a key leader in the real estate industry.  They cover everything from home improvement to the latest trends in real estate marketing and technology. You will also find them to be a great resource for continuing education opportunities. “5 Signs You Would Love a New Career in Luxury Real Estate” and “5 Ways to Lead a Top-Performing Real Estate Team“.

Fundrise Education


The Fundrise Education Center shares valuable content surrounding the real estate investment market.  If you are looking to get into real estate investing, this blog provides you with all the basics you need to get started.  Some of their popular posts include “How to Invest in Real Estate (The Basics)” and “Improve Portfolio Diversification Using Real Estate“.

Tom Ferry Blog

Tom Ferry Blog

Tom Ferry is a real estate coaching expert that shares all his lead generation techniques and sales tips that help professionals move ahead in their career.  He also offers plenty of helpful videos on various topics too.  Popular blog posts include “3 Steps To Setting Realistic Buyer Expectations In Today’s Ultra-Competitive Market” and “7 Options You Should Give Every Homeowner To Get More Listings Today“.

 Realest Blog

REalest System

This site is for anyone looking to learn the ins and outs of real estate.  The blog targets not only real estate agents but also homebuyers and landlords.  Anyone looking to buy, sell or rent will find helpful articles like “5 Ways to Make Your Offer Stand Out” and “Virtual Staging: The Sure-Shot Way to Boost Your Real Estate Listing

Forbes Real Estate


The Forbes blog is full of real estate  information covering not only the local markets but global markets as well.  Expect financial advice for homebuyers and sellers along with deep dives into all other real estate related topics.  Helpful posts include ones like “The Most Popular Cities For Millennial Homebuyers According To LendingTree” and “Why Real Estate Insurance Premiums Are On The Rise“.

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