A Beginner’s Guide to FSBO Prospecting

FSBO prospecting can be a great source of leads to boost your real estate business. An FSBO (For Sale By Owner) is an owner selling their home without a broker or agent. Prospecting within this group demands the right strategies and resources to transform it into a lucrative niche. Crafting effective real estate prospecting letters is one of the key approaches to connecting with FSBO sellers, conveying the value of your services, and showcasing your capabilities. This personalized outreach, tailored to the unique needs of FSBOs, becomes essential in navigating this potentially fruitful avenue for lead generation.

Benefits of FSBO Prospecting

FSBO prospecting is not easy but can be a great source of leads.  In fact, according to a study conducted by The National Association of Realtors, 92% of FSBOs will eventually use a realtor.  Furthermore, FSBO listings are quite abundant and very low-cost to go after.  Here are some additional reasons to tap into this niche:

  • There is a qualified need to sell
  • Homeowners have a timeline in place for selling
  • A lack of marketing experience and negotiating skills is present among sellers

Resources on FSBO Prospecting

Prospecting FSBOs can be tough and requires the right skills and motivation.  Below are resources and tools that can improve your effectiveness.

FSBO Prospecting Videos

FSBO prospecting can be tough but this video will provide you with all the prospecting tips you need to start winning more  FSBO listings and closing more deals!

Real estate prospecting with FSBOs has the potential to be a great source of leads.  This video helps provide you with a plan to counteract the resistance you will receive when dealing with homeowners (AKA Zero Resistance FSBO Prospecting Technique).

FSBO Prospecting Books

The Ultimate Sales Machine
By Chet Holmes, this book gives you the exact strategies you need to beat out the competition and exceed your own expectations.  According to Chet, all it requires is one hour per week to have an impact on the areas you want to improve.

The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to FSBOs

The Real Estate Agent's Guide to FSBOs: Make Big Money Prospecting for Sale By Owner Properties by [John MALOOF]

This book by John Maloof, will help you reach the untapped resource that is FSBO prospecting.   John has created an impressive career out of farming FSBOs. During his first year of using his prospecting plan, he pulled in over six figures.  In this book, he shares his proven techniques on finding FSBOs, formulating a marketing plan, handling rejections, and more.

How to be an FSBO Master

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Real estate agents country-wide have turned to this book by Jason Morris.  His FSBO system has been documented and tested successfully.  With over 12 years of experience with FSBOs,   you will get all the information you need to implement this cost-effective system that you can start implementing right away.  Expect to find FSBO scripts, an FSBO follow-up system, how to go about pricing FSBOs, and more.

FSBO prospecting scripts

Delve into effective FSBO prospecting with Brandon Mulrenin’s live cold call demo, Chastin J. Miles’ empowering brand-building insights, and Loida Velazquez’s valuable tips for open houses and social media lead generation. Explore these seasoned professionals’ resources to discover FSBO scripts that work, unlocking opportunities for your real estate success.

Producing videos since 2013, Brandon Mulrenin shows how to use his successful FSBO script with this live FSBO cold call.  Follow in his footsteps and you will be booking appointments in no time.

Chastin J. Miles is a successful real estate entrepreneur who has been helping empower real estate entrepreneurs with his helpful videos.  Thousands of subscribers turn to his videos for insight into how to build their brand and real estate careers.

Loida Velazquez is a “real estate hustler” whose channel is aimed at providing real estate professionals with helpful content like tips for open houses and how to get more real estate leads from social media.

Writing FSBO Prospecting Letters/FSBO Postcards

Writing great prospecting letters is one of the best ways to reach out to FSBO sellers.  You want the letter to convey how beneficial your services and capabilities are.

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when writing an FSBO prospecting letter:

  • Stay away from anything negative:  It may be tempting to focus on why it is not a good idea to sell a home on your own but resist the temptation.  This can really rub sellers the wrong way.
  • Be unique: It’s hard to stand out from the competition when you offer everything they do.  Try to make your brand unique and FSBOs will appreciate this since you come across as different and more aware of their needs.  When writing an FSBO prospecting letter, make sure you send out different ones for each outreach.  Include specific details on the home and the seller will see you are taking the time to make things more personalized.
  • Watch how you communicate:  It may be tempting to list all the reasons the homeowner doesn’t have what it takes to sell their home, but this will put them off.  The reality is that many sellers are actually capable of selling their own home.  With online resources like YouTube and Zillow, there is plenty of information out there.  In your FSBO prospecting letter, you need to position yourself as a partner in the process.
  • Present your value: A key part of your prospecting letter is to show off your value.  How are you going to help save them time? What will your marketing strategy be?  What are you going to do differently from them?  This should all be in your letter.

For FSBO prospecting letter ideas, click here.

For Sale By Owner Tips

Since the middleman is removed during the FSBO process, you have the opportunity to sell your home for the highest possible profit. Here are some helpful for sale by-owner tips:

  • Behave like a salesman: You are going to feel an attachment to your home, but you need to leave that at the door.  You have to look at your house objectively and look at it as a real estate professional would.
  • Do your research: Look into how much comparable homes in the area are going for.  Make sure your compromises and concessions are fair when it comes to valuing your home.
  • Stage your home and take photos:  When you use a professional to stage your house and take photos, it conveys that you are serious about selling your home.  In a sea of FSBO listings, your home will stand out.
  • Advertise: Even with a small budget, there are many places to advertise your home for sale.  Websites like  Zillow.com, Trulia.com, and Forsalebyowner.com, are a great place to start.  There are also plenty of other places like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist to help promote your home.

The Potential of FSBO Prospecting for Real Estate Professionals with FlyerCo

In conclusion, FSBO prospecting, coupled with the powerful tools provided by FlyerCo, offers real estate agents a promising avenue for lead generation, backed by the potential conversion of 92% of FSBOs into clients, as revealed by a National Association of Realtors study. The abundance of listings and their cost-effectiveness make this niche appealing, requiring the right strategies and resources.

Videos, books, and scripts recommended in the guide, combined with FlyerCo’s innovative solutions, provide valuable insights, with Chet Holmes, John Maloof, and Jason Morris offering proven techniques. Effective communication, highlighted in the prospecting letter tips, emphasizes staying positive, being unique, and showcasing your value. For those considering FSBO, the provided tips on acting like a salesman, thorough research, staging, and strategic advertising, amplified by FlyerCo’s tools, can significantly enhance success. In essence, with dedication and the comprehensive support of FlyerCo, real estate professionals can unlock the full potential of FSBO listings, contributing to the growth of their businesses.

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