Powerful Real Estate Marketing | Tools, Strategies & Tips

The online and offline real estate marketing landscape is getting bigger and bigger.

New tools are coming out all the time, new strategies to help bring more traffic and in this post we try to help you bring it all together.

Real Estate Marketing Tools

These tools are not all made specifically for Realtors.

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A/B Test different elements on your website and implement the best one.

If you haven’t done conversion rate optimization before check out this guide: beginners guide to conversion rate optimization

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 Headline Optimizer

An amazing tool to help you create better headlines.

Focusing on your headline will help you get more emails opened, content read by prospects and help all of your real estate marketing efforts.

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Session Cam

 Record the actual sessions from your visitors

Being able to see what your visitors are doing and being able to figure out where they are getting stuck is BEYOND valuable.

This can help you turn a huge amount of visitors into leads by fixing potential issues.

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Easily create real estate flyers online

Admittedly biased but, our flyers rock and we’re always focused on improving our product.

Easily create, share and capture leads from your flyers online and offline.

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Peek By User Testing (FREE!!)

Similar to session cam except that you pay for someone to go to your site and review it.

It’s worth it to get at least one test so you can get insights into what your audience is actually thinking when they visit your website.



Similar to Google alerts. It searches the web for you everyday and finds any keywords that you enter

Use this tool to monitor searches for your name or any local search terms such as “buying a home in orange county”. Then it will automatically send you an email every day with updates.

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These are not ‘tools’ they are websites BUT, this is where all the best marketers hangout online.

If you want to stay on the cutting edge of real estate marketing and find all the latest tools marketers are using, subscribe to both of these websites!

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Find popular content & influencers. Free to try with some paid upgrade elements.

Use this tool to find what people write about that is really popular and then write an article on that same topic but make it even better!

Many people have used this strategy to come up with some really awesome content they know will get shared because the same idea was already being shared.

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This makes SEO on WordPress unbelievably easy.

If you want to rank for keywords, you need to make sure that your content follows Google’s guidelines.



An awesome feature box to get subscribers from your WordPress blog.

See ours @ the bottom of the post. It’s an easy tool to add to your real estate marketing tool set.

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Adds a top bar over  your website to help guide visitors to the action you want them to do.

You can see ours on the top of this page, you can also have it capture emails and test different words to see which performs the highest.

It’s essential to capture as many leads as possible that come to your website and this tool helps to do that. Very easy to install.


SEM Rush

One of the best tools to spy on your competitors paid ad campaigns.

This tool gives you all the details on your competitors such as ads they’re running, prices they’re paying, average budgets and much more.

Essential for any real estate agent that is going to venture into Google Adwords marketing.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies

In this section we’re going to list potential real estate marketing strategies and the best places to learn them (other then here of course).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For Realtors who want to focus their real estate marketing efforts on ranking higher.

Moz – One of the best blogs on search engine optimization, we also cover a lot of real estate SEO.

Search Engine Journal – Always updated with the latest SEO information you should be aware of.

Online Marketing

For Realtors who want to focus their real estate marketing efforts on driving more traffic.

Growth Hackers – An amazing user submission website where all the best marketers go to read the latest tips on marketing.

Content Marketing

For Realtors who want to learn how to create better content.

Content Marketing Institute – An amazing blog focused on only content marketing

CopyBlogger – Great blog focused on content writing and copywriting. Has free & paid membership, worth checking out!

Conversion Rate Optimization

For Realtors that want to focus their real estate marketing efforts on getting more out of what they already have

Conversion XL – The best blog on conversion rate optimization. If you’re only going to subscribe to one, subscribe to this guy.

Unbounce Blog – Another really good conversion rate optimization blog.

General Sales

For Realtors who know there is no school like the old school

Closing Call – A user submission site based off sales.

Email Marketing

For Realtors that want to get more out of their subscribers.

Get Vero – The best email marketing blog to learn from. The founder is also really cool.

Get Response – The second best 🙂

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Did we miss anything? What do you think of this list?

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