The Best Real Estate Postcards &Templates For 2015

Here is an awesome list of all the best companies making real estate postcards. Some of them have quality real estate postcard templates and some should be avoided!

We also have a list of expired listing letters

Realasponse – Real Estate Postcards

No other real estate postcards gives you so much for pocket change

This is the most impressive in the bunch at the number 1 spot for a reason. They are taking real estate postcards to the next level with their innovative patented marketing technology. Definitely worth checking out this company if you’re looking for someone new to work with.

real estate postcards

Postal Realtor

It’s time to enhance your career with real estate postcard marketing

They have a really awesome ROI calculator Realtors can use to see how effective their campaign will be. Other then that they are a little above average out of the other companies listed here.

real estate postcard templates


Real estate postcard design templates

Clean designs with decent prices. If you’re looking for an affordable company that has some good postcard designs, definitely try this company.

Real estate marketing tools

Real Estate Marketing Tools

Real estate marketing tools – We know what works!

An older company that you know is reliable. They have plenty of original designs to choose from and some of the best prices out of this list.

Trigger Marketing

Real estate marketing and priting

They offer a full range of solutions for Realtors to choose from which includes different type of print marketing and a range of products.

Real estate postcards: An affordable way to increase leads

Realtor Postcards

Real estate postcards: An affordable way to increase leads

Really awesome prices with free samples and great designs. This is one of the better companies on the list which really take pride in their postcard marketing.

Real estate marketing products


Real estate marketing products

Lot’s of different post cards to choose from with decent prices. I wouldn’t call them ‘quality’ in terms of designs but, they have enough to choose something you’ll be happy with.

real estate postcard marketing

Biz Print Solutions

Real estate business cards and postcard marketing experts

Sub par designs compared to many others on this list but their pricing is pretty competitive. Many other better options on this list to choose from.

Just listed and sold postcards

Prospect Plus

Just listed and sold postcards

A well known real estate marketing company that has huge range of postcards to choose from as well as other real estate products. Worth checking out as they are very respected in the industry and have a great brand.

Property and marketing flyers, regular and jumbo postcards.

Sharper Agent

Property and marketing flyers, regular and jumbo postcards.

Some of the best designs on the list. Would recommend this to any Realtor thinking about post card marketing. Also owned by Market leader which is a very respectable real estate company.

Realty Postcard

The complete system for direct mail marketing

Like the first company on the list, they are really trying to innovate their post cards with analytics and other tools to make them more effective. No minimum to place your first order. Another postcard company worth checking out.

Top Producer Postcards

Top Producer Postcards

Top Producer System

Top producer postcard can help you turn that direct mail into a direct respond from a new client.

Another really well known brand in the real estate industry. Their prices are high as you have to buy into their whole product line (starting at $100/m) but, their products are very well put together and one of the top real estate brands.

real estate postcard marketing

Best Print Buy

Advantages of real estate postcard marketing

They have custom post card designs for: Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, Exit Realty, Prudential, RE/Max, Century 21 and many many more. Great designs with great prices. If you’re looking for a simple solution go with this brand.

realtor postcards

In Touch Today

Prospecting postcards, client retention & More

Decent designs but, a lot to choose from. If you’re looking for a range of different real estate postcards to try with your marketing I would suggest this brand. If you already know what you want and it’s something basic, there are better companies on this list to choose from.

power real estate marketing

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  1. Have you ever tried They make awesome postcards and have amazing templates.

    They basically make tons of images easy.

    Let me know what you think!

    • Great recommendation Tyler, and also great overall list Andrew! It’s nice to see these options all in one place rather than having to look all over the web for the best ones.


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