Remarkable Content Strategy Tips For Realtors

Today the hard part of creating content is getting eyeballs on the real estate content that you’ve created.

In this post we outline some of the key tips you can use to get more views on the content you put all that time into. Also known as distribution.

content strategy for realtors


Outreach is defined as manually finding people who will find your blog / post interesting and asking them to share it or in some cases asking for a link.

For our example, we’ll assume you’re going to ask for a share

Start by finding influencers

You’re going to want to find people who are local to you and have a following that can help give your blog some traction.

Awesome outreach tools:

  • Follower Wonk – This tool helps you find the most popular Twitter users that fit your search term.
  • BuzzSumo – This one is my personal favorite but is a paid tool, so for this post we’ll use Follower Wonk as an example. (There are still some awesome free features worth checking out)
  • Buzz Stream – Made for managing your contacts for outreach

For example, i’m from Orange County and I want to find some local influencers:

realtor content strategy
Next you want to find the people with the most social authority:
real estate content

After you make a list of people that you want to contact, reach out to every single one of them one by one.

Keep in mind: The key to outreach is building relationships. Once you have these you’ll forever have 1 up on your competition. Put in the hard work and reap the rewards.

Useful outreach guides:

Submit your real estate content to social groups & forums

  • Reddit – A good place to build relationships with people /r/orangecounty (my town) and send your content if relevant.
  • Facebook Groups, Google Plus Communities and LinkedIn Groups – Join relevant LinkedIn groups and post your real estate content. This can easily add 100hits/day 
  • Answer questions on Quora (link to your content when it’s relative)
  • Answer questions on Trulia + Zillow (link to your content when it’s relative)
  • Promote your content on *Free backlink
  • Syndication – If you can get your blog syndicated, that can drive massive traffic and backlinks.

Pay for promotion

Paying for promotion can be risky if you aren’t converting users into newsletter subscribers (that’s the goal with paid content distribution).

The reason you would do this is because driving traffic to your content is cheaper than advertising on Facebook or Google. You can also retarget your ads to this traffic after and get really cheap advertising to your target market.

Outbrain – The current industry leader for paid content promotion. Can be as low as 0.25c per click.

Zemanta – Another paid option to promote your content.

Link to old posts

Also known as internal linking. This might not be a direct ‘content promotion’ strategy BUT it’s so often looked passed and helps drive traffic to old valuable posts.

Internal linking can also help with your real estate SEO and is a skill that should be mastered 🙂

Submit it to round ups

Many blogs do ’round ups’ where they take the best content of the week and link to it inside of a post. There are two reasons you would want to do this:

  • Round ups create backlinks
  • Round ups drive traffic

You can do manual outreach and search for people who do roundups by going to Google and searching:

Link roundup +”real estate” (or replace real estate with whatever type of blogger you want to search for.)

Here is a guide for getting linked in round up posts:

The ultimate guide to link round up posts

Social Media

You probably know this one already 🙂

  • Share on Twitter more than once!!!!! Even more than once in the same day. The life time of a tweet is 14minutes. Make sure to populate it with local hashtags like #OrangeCounty or #NewportBeach. No one is searching or viewing #realestate #realtor.
  • Share on FB and boost the post the paid ads
  • Always add a pin from the post to Pinterest
  • Share the post on LinkedIn


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  1. Hey Andrew,

    I really like the strategy! How often do you typically recommend realtors to post? Would you consider buying articles ok?

    Interested to hear your thoughts!

    • Hi Tyler,
      Freshness is key! I recommend daily posts. It helps keep readers engaged and those Google robots happy.
      Are you interested in joining the FlyerCo Blogging team and posting your articles directly?
      Look forward to hearing more.

  2. Content Distribution Strategy for Realtors in finding influencers, reaching out, sharing your content via social media, sharing on forums, sharing with social communities, and finding Round Up of Posts.

  3. Having a good and well thought out content strategy is extremely beneficial. These are great tips for how one can go about their own content strategy. Great post.


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