Focus on this single metric for more real estate website traffic

real estate website traffic

Gaining traffic to your real estate website can be complicated when you look at all the different options available and how to execute on them properly. If you start by focusing on the most important pieces and mastering them one by one, then you can build your growth consistently.

Focus only sites referring to your real estate website

If you open up Google Analytics right now and check your referrals, how many sites do you have referring incoming visitors right now?

When you can focus on improving on this single metric alone, you’re not only going to increase your Google SEO rankings but, you’re also going to be increasing traffic that will be yours forever.

Local forums

Find some local forums that are related to what you love to do (other than real estate). Most of the time they’re going to let you include a link to your website in your signature. When you become a member and contribute to these communities people are going to naturally want to see more about who you are and what you do. People also love to work with people similar to themselves. This is an easy win in terms of picking up traffic and leads.

Google plus communities, Facebook Groups and LinkedIn Groups

Not only a good place to distribute your relevant content from your real estate blog but, also great for getting to network with lots of other local people.

Local business websites

Chances are every business you’ve been to locally has a website. Most of them at least have a testimonial section. This is a great opportunity to get contact them and ask if you can give a testimonial for their website. It’s an easy way to put your face and website in front of many more local potential real estate prospects.

Yelp & Google Business Listing

Most real estate businesses are listed and often times these listings appear at the top of the search results. It takes 5 minutes to sign up and can generate some very high quality leads to your real estate website.

Local news websites

To get features on these news websites such as OC Register. You have two options, write something that they would want on their website or have an event news worthy. Writing content for their audience can be time consuming but, if you make a goal of one great article per month then the returns are endless. These type of sites are getting really great traffic and Google loves to see links from them.

Local bloggers

There are tons of local bloggers that you can contact and buy a coffee. They all have their own unique traffic sources in which you can pull from after you build a real relationship with them. Before you think of any of that the first thing you want to think of is what can I do for them? Can you sponsor an event that local moms are throwing? Can you contribute in some way by hosting a get together at your office? Your plan should revolve around helping them first.

real estate website visitors

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