Lead Generation Friday Issue #3 Try For Viral

Lots of companies that will advertise to you will have claims that they can help you go viral. You might even run across blog posts in your Twitter stream titled “10 content headlines that go viral”.

Lets be honest, if you want to go viral you have to do some out of the box thinking.

Some viral ideas to build off of

Use these ideas to spark your own ideas. The goal is to create content that people will naturally want to share and will reflect your business in a positive light.

  • Have a live giveaway at an open house. Give away something awesome, invite all the neighbors and let them know that it’s only for their neighborhood.  This will get a lot of people showing.


  • Create a YouTube video highlighting the best and funniest things about your city.


  • Make a regular day for people an awesome day. Have a major shopping center close to you? Hire a balloon guy to attach balloons to every car in the parking lot with your card attached. Create something fun.


  • Create a newsworthy event. Hide money all around a school campus and notify the local news team.


  • Make a sweet video. Make a YouTube video with kids answering the question “What they love about (city)” Similar to the T-mobile commercial everyone loved where they asked kids questions.


  • Create a unique billboard. Billboards are old school but, they still work… Especially if they’re entertaining. Keep the wording short and make the image as hilarious as possible.


  • Get your car wrapped for a month with something ridiculous. For it to go viral, you’re going to need something so crazy that people whip out their phones and share it via social media. It can be something as simple as a photo of you as long as it’s cheesy… Really, really, cheesy.

For any physical (offline) campaigns you try. Make sure to take a photo of them and buy advertisements through Facebook targeting local people. This makes sure you get maximum exposure and increased chance of going viral.

Good luck Realtors!



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