Five Realtor Open House Tips To Make The Most Of Your Showing

The right realtor open house tips can make all the difference when it comes to marketing your properties.  Regardless of all the different marketing mediums available nowadays, open houses are still a great way to generate leads.   A properly done open house will not only help you find the right buyer but also get your seller top dollar for their home.

Here are five realtor open house tips for 2020


1. Create a great open house flyer

A beautifully designed open house flyer is one of the best ways to generate buzz about your property.  It’s a tried and true marketing method that, designed effectively, will help ensure you have as many of your target buyers in attendance as possible.

FlyerCo’s open house templates offer highly customizable options as well as ready-to-go templates.  They are very user friendly and take the guesswork out of the design aspect.  The templates are conveniently organized from your basic style to templates for luxury properties.  All you have to do is plug in the property information and you’re ready to go.

2. Stream your open house live on Facebook

People often want what other people want, so doing a live stream of your open house on Facebook Live is a great idea.  Being able to remotely show viewers your property is just smart marketing along with the fact that they can ask questions and get answers in real time.

Once you have your open house recorded, upload it to your Facebook page for even more reach.  This is also one of those times you should look into boosting your post.

3. Distribute door hangers to the neighbors

Neighbors are great to include in open houses.  They can help provide feedback on what it is like to live in the area which can then help sell the home.  A great way to get the neighbors to attend your open house is to use door hangers. A few days prior to the open house is a great time to do it.  Furthermore, door hangers are also a great way to keep your brand top of mind within your farm area.

If you are feeling chatty, you can also knock on neighbors’ doors and officially invite them.  Tom Ferry has a great door knocking script that not only will get your neighbors through the door but also lead to additional listing opportunities.

4. Hold a raffle or contest

Everyone loves the opportunity to win something for free.  Get the word out about your raffle or contest by  advertising it on Facebook and Instagram.  You can do prizes like gift cards, home products like Alexa, gift baskets and more. Just make sure you are offering exciting prizes as you want to entice people to come to your open house.

5. Schedule the right time for your open house

Open houses are typically on weekends with weekdays being used for broker showings.  Weekends are one of the best times to hold an open house because most homebuyers are off of work.  When choosing a date, make sure not to choose a day where you may be competing with holidays or any other special events (think the Super Bowl). You also want to check the weather forecast the night before, if it calls for a 90% chance of rain, your turn out may not be so great.  Here are some time slots to consider:

  • Sunday open houses after 1 pm.  Many people attend church in the mornings so this time works well.  If you are targeting families, Saturdays are typically used for sports and other activities but if you need to pick a time, later in the day works well. Sometime after 2 pm.
  • Weekdays – Happy hour times from 5-6 p.m. or 7-8 p.m.

Open houses are a key part of your marketing strategy for your listings.  The above tips will help you make a successful and fast house sale.

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