Five Eyecatching Open House Flyer Templates

open house flyer templates


Open house flyer templates are a great way to announce a home you are bringing to the market.  It gives prospective buyers a handy piece of marketing collateral that has all the complete information about the home.

When it comes to creating your open house flyer, you want it to be eye-catching and filled with the home’s most marketable features.

Here are five of our favorite open house flyer templates


All of these are great templates and will definitely help prompt buyers to visit your property.

Flyer #1 – The Photo Gallery


Best for:  Agents who are looking to show off inside features of the home as well as an attractive photo of the outside of the property.


Image result for open house flyer flyerco


This open house flyer template uses one large central image along with four smaller images that showcase features.  It includes a text feature list and a descriptive paragraph along with room for your head shot and contact details.

Flyer #2 – The Single Picture


Best for:  Agents that are looking to keep things simple with a single feature image.


 open house flyer templates


This open house flyer template gets the job done with both simplicity and detail.  You have a single image as the focal point along with a list of features.

Flyer #3 – Main Image with Smaller Images


Best for: Agents looking to show off the outside of the property along with other key feature images.


 open house flyer templates


This open house flyer template is both visually pleasing and includes key details about the property.  It also has a strong footer for real estate agent contact details.

Flyer #4 – Luxury Property with Feature Rich Images


Best for: Agents looking to market their luxury property to high-end buyers


 open house flyer templates


The high-end feel of this open house flyer comes through with its gold trim and dark background.  This helps give the feel of a “dream home”.

Flyer #5 – Simple and Clean


Best for: Agents that want to showcase their property in a simple and clean way.


 open house flyer templates

This open house flyer template does a great job of using minimal background colors.  This really helps to put the images front and center while giving the property features and other key details a prominent place.

What information to include on your flyer:


When creating an open house flyer template, you want to make sure you are including the following details:

  • Date and time:  This should be placed front and center so that you have as many attendees as possible.
  • Property features: Listing out key features is just as important as the price and description. They help the property stand out and gives the buyer an idea as to whether the property is right for them.
  • Professional images: The images are one of the most important pieces of your flyer.  They help give a sense of what it would be like to live in the home.
  • Property address: Don’t forget this important detail.
  • Price: Putting the price front and center helps secure real buyers as opposed to causal lookers.
  • Home description: Provide an accurate yet concise description.  Also, don’t forget to mention any great amenities.
  • Your contact information and head shot:  People need to know who to contact if they are interested or have questions.  Make sure you include all points of contact.
  • Add a clear CTA: In addition to the words “open house” you need to give people some directive.  This could be to visit a website for more information.
  • Make it friendly for International buyers: If you work with buyers from other countries, make sure any measurements you provide are in metrics and that any language used is free from abbreviations or slang.


Where to pass out your flyer


There are plenty of options for distributing your flyers.

Here are a few:

  • Give them out in the neighborhood: Pass out your flyers within the surrounding area of the property.  Just keep in mind that putting the flyer in mailboxes is against the law.
  • Use a mailing service:  There are Print design services that will deliver your flyer for a mailing fee.
  • Call on your past clients:  Satisfied past clients are a great to use for sharing your open house flyers.  They can help increase your reach by handing them out to friends and family.
  • Use social media: Any marketing collateral should be shared on your social media channels.  Your followers can do the advertising for you buy sharing your posts with their followers.
  • Use email and texting:  People are always on their phone or laptopYou can share your flyer via email or with a texting service.


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