Four Tips For Designing The Best Real Estate Business Cards

real estate business cards


Real estate business cards are a great way to stand out in a highly competitive industry.  The right business card can act as a form of credibility, so make sure to take the time to create a business card that properly represents you.

Here are four design tips for creating great real estate business cards


1. Go for high-quality materials


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When it comes to real estate business cards, quality matters.  Your business card is a key branding tool and says a lot about you.  Make sure it shines by having the card printed on high-quality paper.  Your typical business card is printed on 12-pt. cardstock.  Stand apart from the rest by upping the quality.  It will give a distinct feel to your card while also making them more durable. A card made like this will leave a lasting impression with colleagues, clients and customers.  There are no shortage of printing services that offer a variety custom finishes and fun ideas to choose from.


2. Get creative with the style


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If you’ve tried to have a business card made, you know how many different styles are available.  The typical rectangular business card is what most people have.  If you want to stand apart from the crowd, consider choosing  an alternative design. Here are some ideas:

  • Square – Most business cards are rectangular.  Think outside the box and stand out by trying a square shaped card.
  • Metal – This is a more expensive option but can make a strong impression.
  • Plastic – This is another style you don’t see too often.  A plastic card looks very professional and will help you make a big impact.
  • Gold Foil – Instead of going with white, try out black ink with gold foil accents.  It will help make the letters pop and is a nice change from the typical white paper.
  • Full Color – Ink isn’t cheap but your business card is meant to help you generate the dollars.  It will be worth it to make the splurge and make an impact with full color ink.

Choosing the right style that fits your personality and brand will have bringing in more sales and leads.

3. Stand out with color


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Real estate business cards that add a pop of color work to grab the immediate attention of clients.  The example above, uses warm colors like reds and yellows which give a cozy feel along with blue which gives an edgier vibe. When coming up with which colors to use, research the psychology behind them so you choose the best one.


4. Simplicity works


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Your business card does not have to be over the top to be effective.  There is something to be said for simple real estate business cards.  As long as all the critical information is on your card, that is what’s important.  Just be sure to avoid these things:

  • Don’t go overboard with the text:  Only relevant contact information and that’s it.
  • Stay away from too much decoration:  Don’t go heavy on things like embossing or holographic effects.
  • The wrong font size:  Stick to an 11 or 12 point font for to ensure legibility.

Lastly, if you can’t fit all your relevant information on the front of the card, don’t be afraid to use the back.  When it comes to the size of the card,  go with the standard 3.5″ x 2″.

5. What to include on your real estate business card


Your business card is a core promotional element for your brand.  Be sure you include all the pertinent information:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Office address
  • Your logo
  • Business email address
  • Business phone & fax number
  • Website URL
  • Social media handles
  • Tagline

Now that your business card has all the key details, you are ready to start promoting yourself.

Real estate business cards are a key marketing tool


In an industry that is very competitive, your business card is an essential marketing tool.  Make sure yours is conveying  a lasting impression to clients and other professionals.

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