10 Creative Realtor Closing Gifts Your Clients Won’t Forget

Realtor closing gifts are a key part of the home selling/buying process.  You want to pick a special and memorable gift that will make a lasting impression and most importantly, make your clients feel appreciated for entrusting you with such an important transaction.  Choose the right gifts and you can be sure there will be referrals coming your way in the future.

Here are 10 creative realtor closing gifts your clients won’t forget

1. Have a Custom Painting Made of Their New Home

realtor closing gifts

A unique portrait of your client’s new home along with a warm congratulatory message is something any new homeowner will appreciate. You can try to commission a local artist or you can use an online service.  Websites like  Instapainting, Paint Your Life or Give A Masterpiece can create custom paintings from photos.

2. Give a Customized Gift Basket

Gift boxes have always been great gifts for all kinds of occasions.  Fast forward to today, and gift boxes have really come a long way.  You can customize a gift box that is tailored to your client’s preferences.  Curated gift boxes can be put together for everyone from the food lover to the cocktail lover. Just be sure to pick something that will resonate with the tastes of your particular client.  You don’t want to give a box filled with great Wine if your client is more of a martini person.

3. Consultation With an Interior Designer

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Interior design is something pretty much all homeowners struggle with.  Setting up your client with an interior designer is a gift they will love.  There are even online design services like Havenly and Modsy.

4. Gift a Decorative Fire Extinguisher

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Want a truly unique gift idea? A decorative fire extinguisher is a creative gift that will always be displayed in the home for years to come.  Make sure you put a decal on the back with your contact info.  A gift like this will show your client that their safety and security is important to you.

5. Personalized Cutting Board

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A personalized gift makes a meaningful one.  Something like an engraved cutting board will make a thoughtful addition to their new kitchen.

6. Custom Doormat

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A great doormat is something every home needs.  Make it customized and you now have a thoughtful housewarming gift.

7. Gift certificate To a Local Florist

floristwindow 10 Creative Realtor Closing Gifts Your Clients Won't Forget

Fresh flowers are something most people love.  Help your client make their new home bright and inviting with a fresh floral arrangement.

8. Stock Their Refrigerator With Food

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Moving is one of the most stressful times for people.  Relieve some of that stress by taking “what’s for dinner?” off your clients list of to-dos.  Once they move in, gift them a subscription to a meal delivery service like Blue Apron or Home Chef.

9. Monthly Dog Subscription Box

Dapper Dog Box Subscription

If you have a client that is a pet owner, you know their pets are also their children.  What better way to gift something memorable than sending their pets treats and toys every month. Sign up for a subscription service like BarkBox or Dapper Dog Box and you will forever work your way into their hearts.

10.  Plan And Pay For An Evening Out

Planning an evening out for your client will be an unforgettable gesture.  Make sure you don’t just buy them a gift certificate either.  Take the time to choose a great restaurant and make a reservation.  Also, take care of their  transportation.  Order them an UberXL and even go as far as to send along a great bottle of wine to the restaurant.  Plan out an evening like this and you will no doubt become their favorite realtor.

Tips for choosing the right realtor closing gifts

Give The Right Gift

When it comes to gifting something to a client.  You want to make it more about them than yourself.  Throwing your business card in with a gift basket is one thing but you want to stay away from items that have your logo on it.  Save that branded merchandise for conferences.  You want to focus on gifting something that will show you know a little something about your client.  Are they a tea lover?  The last thing you want to do is give them a gift basket with gourmet coffee.   Listen throughout the process and you will find the perfect gift for your specific client.

Ask The Right Questions

Whether you feel you know your client well or this is a new client, you want to ask strategic questions that will give you a better idea on what gifts would be best.  If you are thinking about gifting wine, ask some questions that would give you an idea if they enjoy drinking wine. Are you thinking a gift card to Home Goods would be great?  Find out if they are a DIY type person or would they be more the type to hire someone to decorate.  If the latter seems to be the case, a consultation with an interior designer would be more in order.

Always Give Realtor Closing Gifts In Person

If you are going to give a gift, the only way to present it is in person.  It is a great excuse to stop by after your client has settled into their new home that you helped them get.  Be sure to spend a few minutes asking how their transition has been and how they are liking their new home.  These few minutes go a long way in helping to deepen your relationship.  Also, work in a request for referrals into the mix if the opportunity presents itself

Consider The Type Of Property They Purchased

What type of property did your client buy?  Is it a fixer upper?  A gift card to Home Depot might be appropriate.  Was this a luxury purchase with a wine room?  A really nice bottle of wine would be in order.  Was this a commercial purchase?  Perhaps some gift cards to businesses in the area makes sense.

The Right Realtor Closing Gifts Build Great Relationships

A great closing gift is one that is not only thoughtful and personal but will ultimately paint you as the go to local real estate expert.  The above realtor closing gifts will show your clients how much you appreciate their business while helping to further your relationship along.

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