9 Creative Ideas For Your Next Realtor Ad

Creating a great realtor ad is key to successfully promoting your brand and your services.  A great logo and a catchy motto are necessary but you need to  also have the right combination of creative elements and on-point messaging to make your ad unique and memorable.

Here are 9 realtor ad examples that will not just get your phone ringing but will help build up your brand.

1. Offer Something For Free in Your Facebook Realtor Ads

There are many ways you can advertise your services on Facebook.  We really like this spin that Keller Williams Realty took on promoting their brand.  Offering something free like a free home valuation helps eliminate an important step for the seller.  People will not only be drawn to the free aspect but the fact that something will be taken off their already full plate.

Pro tip:  When creating your Facebook ads, your main priority is to make sure your message is clear off the bat.  Give thought to how your offer will help the prospect and what you want them to do next.

2. Focus on Results With Your Outdoor/Billboard ads

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Using outdoor advertising is a great way to increase brand recognition and create awareness.  This example uses a very simple message with its “Sold Sign” which conveys the results you can expect from going with this agency.  You get the opportunity to target the same group of people whether it be daily or weekly.  Using this type of advertising platform along with others will increase awareness for your brand.  So, you want to make sure you are spreading your advertising dollars across various mediums.

3. Add Inspirational Quotes to Your Instagram Realtor Ads

Instagram is all about pretty pictures and if you can add a good inspirational quote or saying… check.  If you can make it related to your business… double-check.  See how this realtor uses the quote in his post and ties it perfectly into his business objectives.

This may look fancy but it is super easy to create and you don’t need any design experience.  Websites like Canva and Pagemodo are super user-friendly and they have tons of templates to choose from.

4. Complete and Optimize Your LinkedIn Realtor Ads

LinkedIn is a key part of any real estate marketing strategy.  It is a powerful business social network that helps align you with prospects and clients.  You want to make sure you make the most of your LinkedIn profile by including the following:

  • Professional headshot
  • background photo
  • Work Experience, Skills
  • Education & Accomplishments
  • Recommendations & Skill Endorsements

Here is a great example that includes all these points.

linkedin real estate

5. Add Entertaining Imagery to Your Twitter Realtor Ads

Social media platforms love visuals.  Tweets that contain images, photos and videos get the most views by far.  Just to give you an idea, Hubspot shares that Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than those without images.  If you can make your imagery entertaining, educational or emotional…bonus.  This Twitter ad below does a great job of incorporating humor with their image.


6. Include a Useful Guide In Your Real Estate Flyer Ads

As much as marketing online is key for your real estate business, you can’t forget about print advertising.  A great real estate flyer is a great place to start.

The print mailer below does a great job of featuring the agency’s logo, keeping the color scheme uniform, and most importantly, provides valuable information.  Sending out a guide like this or maybe a market report, will really help you stand out.

7. Create an “About Me” Infographic Realtor Ad

Constructing a great “about me” infographic is super effective for branding.  The infographic below is very well done with professional shots along with great graphics.  As you can see the agent touts his numbers to demonstrate his success as an agent.  This will go a long way in showing that you are driven towards results.  Although an infographic like this requires some money, it will have you looking that much more reputable to potential clients.  Get your money’s worth by promoting this in these places:

  • Facebook Business Page
  • Business Instagram Page
  • Twitter Account
  • Linkedin Profile
  • Pinterest Page
  • Email it to your Database
  • Run it as a Facebook Ad

8. Do a Personal Introduction In Your Realtor Video Ads

Introducing yourself through a video is a great way to let potential leads know about the services you offer. The key thing with these videos is to keep it informal and focus on how you can add value to the home buying experience.

This is not the time to brag about how much you have sold this year so far but a great opportunity to share some things about you.  For example, talk about your hobbies and interests.  If you live near a beach and you love to surf..share that.  That will be of more interest than the fact that you love to collect comic books.

So where should you put these videos?  Add it to your profile on Zillow, your website, Facebook business page, YouTube and you should also include it in any email campaigns.  You also want to give thought to having it professionally done.  This is a representation of your brand so it is worth the investment if you can swing it.

Here is a great example of a personal introduction video.  Notice how he is not boasting but sharing his more personal side.  He talks of his family and his charity work.  This resonates with people.

Chip James on Vimeo.

9. Include a Great TagLine In Your Print Realtor Ads

Although using online advertising mediums seems the path to focus on with real estate marketing, we can definitely say that there is still quite a bit of use for print advertising.  Check out this great print ad from Douglas Elliman.  The message is pure persuasion gold!

Douglas Elliman Case Study - Print & Digital Media Advertising in Local Magazine Bon Appétit, Golf Digest, GQ, Wired, Vanity Fair & The New Yorker

Make your ads unforgettable

When it comes to successfully marketing your real estate brand,  you need to create realtor ads that will capture an audience, help you sell and gain listings and bring you quality leads.  The above examples give you solid ideas that will help you grow your brand and your client portfolio.

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